Most of the Baba Vanga predictions have come to reality. Here are some of those.
Baba Vanga
Not only Nostradamus, the fate of the world was spoken by another human being. Vangeliya Pandeva Dimitrova, known as Baba Vanga. The Bulgarian mystic born in Vangeliya on 1911. She was a simple and normal child as others. But one cyclone made her life changed forever. The cyclone blew her away, when she was found unconscious, Vanga felt something in her eyes.
In 1925, she was admitted in blind school. In that time she learned many things like playing piano, cooking etc. But at this time she revealed some sort of supernatural power. Vangeliya started to speak about the future.
Here are some of her Predictions here.
  1. Baba Vanga predicted about China's empowering. According to her China is going to find some ower source in Venus.
  2. USA will be in crisis after 2018. Atleast we can say it's going under a sort of chages for really.
  3. In 2018, a global food crisiswill occur
  4. Europe should have ended by 2016. We can't forget about BREXIT
  5. Rome will be converted in a Muslim city by 2043
  6. People will live under water after 2130
  7. World's existance will be on question when icebergs will start melting in 2045
  8. Communism will rise again in Eurpian countries on 2076
  9. Definitely the World will destroy by 3797. But human beings will find a new galaxy to live

In 1996, Vanga died on 85.