There are so many haunted houses spread all over this world. Probably we all have heard about a lots of stories about those haunted houses. Really some of them are gossips. Many of those haunted incidents laterally known as accidents caused due to the presence of carbon monoxide. But there are really many houses included so many popular and historical houses known extremely haunted for so many years.

Numbers of research and ghost hunting adventures have been made over so many years. Many life has been ended and some turned mad for rest of there life. Though crazy people often target those houses. Many of those haunted houses now became protected for there history of deaths.

Each haunted houses or castles have some history that made them extremely dangerous. More over many people faced supernatural experiences at those houses in many times. No doubt these experiences are not same in everywhere but those are really horrible because often the houses causes for unnatural deaths. At the present time also these mysterious houses are still haunted. People are scared from them. Most of these houses found in locality but there are really hard to find people buying them even at very low cost. Those who bought or stayed there forced to leave by there haunted experiences with lots of fear or immense loss of there mans.

The general believe about those haunted houses are more or less same in everywhere. Some supernatural beings or souls or spirits that's still feel strong emotions for there houses they lived in. Sometimes they don't like to allow anyone or have strong feelings about those all once they spent there time. They doesn't want anyone to spoil there memories related everything of those houses. Some times they acted again and again those dangerous incidents they faced in there life. People returned from these types of houses felt those horrible history they have heard once. These types spirits are really want to get materialized, they really want to live there life again, want to live for those in completed life they have expected once. Sometimes they couldn't understand that they have died and those houses have no more of them, sometimes they want to express themselves to the visitors, these type of inhabitants are less harmful for ghost hunters or visitors.
Most of these haunted houses almost turned to myth.
In this section we just will represent those haunted houses and the story associated those house. We will just publish them as many people believe those without adding any extra word.