SNDT girls college, Juhu
SNDT girls college, Juhu
It is the story of some restless spirit who probably still not realizing they are gone. Its not their world anymore. SNDT girls university in Juhu, Mumbai is known to have such spirits in it.
If you stay there in a stuff quarter near the ruined structures, which ones used for gardeners and other staffs' toilets. May be you will wake up around 2 a.m. and hear a voice of a lady teacher. Every night she recites multiplication table to her child students. After that, she slaps those unmindful children who don't hear her carefully. Then children start to cry loudly. Anyway, her classes carry on every night without being disturbed by the living world. Local neighbours became habituate with her uncanny sounds and voices. They don't dare to enter her world.
Once being disturbed by this night class, ten boys searched there at night. The voice of the phantom teacher was coming out. But when the boys reached there everything was just vacant. Nothing was there. Just an eerie empty sensation with chilling silence prevailed there. They didn't wait for a long time and came out immediately.
When they came out from the ruined structure the heard the teaching has started again.

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