Indian Haunted Houses

Ghoststoriesworld listing famous haunted houses from India, when we are creating an archive on India, we decided to keep Haunted houses and places separately. Because many ghost lovers specially search for houses for ghost hunting, staying the night in a haunted house. So as for each country for India too we separate houses form places.

Meerut GP Block Haunted House
GP Block although not well known but is to be found one of the most haunted areas in the city's history. It has a very unique and strange type of haunted story. This GP Block reported corresponds to a double storey apartment which is deserted and without any residence. People have claimed to see the spirit of a woman sitting on the roof and others have added to see women wearing red clothes getting in and out of the house. It has been always seen that four men sitting inside the house around a table with a single candle lighted in the centre, and having alcohol. It happens to be most common sight for people passing through that area but few people also added that even they seen the men sitting on the rooftop. The scenes keep repeating all over the house.

Shaniwar wada pune Haunted story
On the night of every new moon a fort in India becomes a place of horror. Where local people often hear a sound "Uncle Save me" from the Fort in the new moon night. Where the spirit till now utters its last words of mortal life. This is The Shaniwarwada Fort in Pune. On 30 January, 1730 Saturday the ceremonial foundation of the Fort started. Shaniwarwada name came from Word Saniwar (Saturday). Behind the Fort's paranormal activities there are story of the assassination, greed for power and betrayal. Madhavrao , Vishwasrao and Narayanrao was three sons of Peshwa Nanashaheb. After the death of Pesha Nanashaheb in the third battle of Panipath Madhavrao succeeded as Peshwa. During the war of third Panipath Vishwasrao accepted death. After death of Vishwasrao Madhavrao also died in broken heart for his brother. Narayanrao had been just sixteen years old then. He became Peshwa on that very young age. Due to his age his uncle Raghunathrao was in charge of state on behalf of young nephew. Raghunathrao's wife Anandibai became very jealous. She had the burning desire to be the queen of State. With time situation becoming worse than ever . Narayanrao started to control the power of Raghunathrao and arrested him in his house. Narayanrao had a bitter relationship with Gardi, the hunting tribe. Raghunathrao's wife Anandibai used this and sent a signed letter from Raghunathrao to the chief of Gardi. But in the original letter Raghunathrao wrote to Gardi chief Sumer Singh Gardi to capture Narayanrao but cruel Anandibai change just one letter and it became the message to kill Narayanrao . Sumner Singh sent a group of assassins who entered in the room of sleeping Narayanrao at night removing all securities. Narayanrao woke up and understood he was going to be killed. He ran towards Raghunathrao' chamber and shouted to him "Uncle save me". But he was caught by assassins and brutally assassinated by them. Hacked into pieces and then dumped in the river.

Agrasen ki Baoli Haunted House
Very old Indians used to build water temples as well as the first forms of step wells and reservoirs. To be found just right in the heart of central Delhi takes by surprise if out on the streets for a walk. On Hailey Road near Connaught Place Agrasen ki Baoli is just a small walk from Jantar Mantar. Agrasen ki Baoli (Agrasen’s Baoli) is among a small number of its kind in Delhi, consisting of 104 steps made of red stone. This Baoli was originally constructed on the orders of Maharaja Agrasen, in the Mahabharat era, and most probably during the Tughlaq period, in the 14th century reconstructed by the Agrawal community. Agrasen ki Baoli is also identified to be a haunted place. Visitors have felt something odd about the place. The well has dried out but that now added to the haunting legends, while going deeper the sounds totally vanish and the only thing can hear is the echo of our footsteps. Some people even assert that the Baoli is a residence of devils. This Baoli has turned into the house for thousands of bats and pigeons. Before the place lost its shine, the Boali was filled with black water which would call out to people strangely and ask them to scarify their lives. This might be the vernacular behind the strangeness felt inside the vicinity of this Baoli. Someone jump to his death, this is what he had to say "He was fine and then we saw him standing there. The water is believed to have had mesmerized people and drove them to death.

D'Souza Chawl, Mumbai, another haunted place in India
There is an another harmless Ghost in D'Souza Chawl in Mahim, Mumbai. A Chawl is a building up to 4-5 floors. D'Souza Chawl has a well inside its compound. The well was not having a boundary around it. One woman while getting water from that the soil around the well collapsed in too well with the lady and she died. It is repeated many times people saw the apparition of the unfortunate lady wanders around the well at late night and disappears before the dawn. "The lady of the well" did not harm anyone but though people are advised not to go towards the wall at night. Other than the ghost lady in white saree, many people mostly those are new to the D'Souza Chawl in Mumbai, have a sighting of a phantom night guard beside a fig tree near the haunted well. Mumbai is a city in India where out numbers of people come daily for their profession. Many new people come to Mumbai as well as this Chawl. It is unknown about the reason why the new comers see that perennial man beside the tree at night. Local people also support this incident but couldn't remember about any such guard from their memory.

Kolkata National Library
The well known National library of kolkata located on Belvedere Road, is not only known for its book collections, it is one of the known haunted houses of kolkata. It was the residence of former Lieutenant Governor of Bengal. The guards are often feared to take duty on the night shift though they don't want to talk with media for the safety of their job. It is known that The footsteps of the Governor's wife can still be heard. Beside this the building have another story. At the time of renovation of the old block and twelve labours lost their lives after an accident. Some eye witnesses have seen that black images fading in front of them. Some fearful incidents have heard like student from England died in some unnatural accident while he was searching book for his thesis. Also heard about a story where Bengali student who did not complete his paper died come for complete his research many times.

Vrindaban Society in Thane
Do you want to get a slapped by ghost? Lol.. Then Haunted Vrindaban Society in Thane is the place where ghost is crazy enough. Vrindaban Society is a famous and large society in Thane. So definitely It's not a typical haunted house you imagine like old rag tag condition, dark shallow, window crayons and lonely. Building no. 66B is on the north side of the society. Paranormal activities of the Vrindavan Society started after the suicide of a middle aged man in building no. 66B. The man jumped outside from the balcony and committed suicide. After that lots of abnormal weird things felt in the society. Many people in the society and the Guards patrolling on night complained several times about paranormal feelings. Once a guard was slapped by a ghost of this haunted house so hard he lay down from the chair almost. He believed then nearby guard slapped him actually. But later all guards searched the apartment on that night. But they didn't find anything.

Kolkata Hastings House Haunted
Hastings house is the old residence of Governor general of India, 20 B judges court road. With this house the royal kolkata turf club (The Race Course) is associated. In the mid of 1930s George Williams lived there who was a tremendous race maniac. "Pride" the pearl white horse was the most profitable and favourite. In the mid of 1930s George Williams lived there who was a tremendous race maniac. He had five horses and he loved them more than his family. Among them Pride the pearl white horse was the most profitable and favourite. It made a lot of money and fame for William. With the time Pride was no more winning and famous horse. After defeat in one Saturday race, at night Pride found shot dead in the race track. However it was a tradition then to kill those horses whose days had over. But after that years after years in Saturday night many people have seen a pearl white horse is running on the race course. According to many people Hastings house is horrible due to some other incident also. Many of them have heard or seen the shadow like horse-drawn coach entering in the house campus. it is said that in every new year's eve former Governor-General of India returns to the house known by his name.

Haunted Brijraj Bhavan Kota
This is a haunted house but a little bit less horrible. The ghost just slaps as punishment. Major Charles Burton stayed Brijraj Bhavan Palace in Kota for 13 years with his family. 183 old years Brijraj palaces located on the right banks of the river Chambal. In 1857 mutiny Major Charles Burton was posted on Neemuch cantonment , Madhya Pradesh. On the 10th May the Indian Rebellion of 1857 began by sepoys (Soldiers of East India Company). Todays Brijraj palace hotel was then a British residency for Major Charles Barton, who was the major of 40th Bengal Native Infantry. With the outbreak of mutiny British commanded Major Barton to march for Neemuch cantonment with the Kota troop to protect it from the rebellions. On 13 December, 1857 he came back to Kota with his two younger sons, Arthur, 21, and Francis, 19. The mutinied rebellions soldiers entered the Brijraj palace to capture Major Burton. Major Burton, his two sons and only their camel driver who didn't fly from them took shelter on upper room and fought gun fight with those mutinied soldiers and at last they died. Before the fight Major Barton wished to surrender himself for a negotiation of his sons lives. But his sons didn't agree with that and decided to fight. The Maharaja (king) of Kota managed to recover their bodies on that evening and buried them in the central hall. But after that the king himself was surrounded as a virtual prisoner in the house. In the march of next year when British Army recaptured Kota then they found Major Burton and his two son's bodies buried in the central hall of the palace and did their last rituals with full military honors. They were buried again in the Kota cemetery. In the year on 1980's the former maharani told to a British journalist that she often sees Major Burton spirit. The hall was used later by former maharani as her drawing room. We know from the book "The Maharajas of India" written by Ann Morrow that the yuvrani often sees the spirit of Major Barton in her study. She had seen him as an old white man with white hair and walking stick in his hand. Though her husband the Prince never seen the ghost of Barton. But the ghost of Major Burton is really harmless. But always keep checking on the guards. If they sleep or dozes during their duty at night he slaps them as punishment. The officials and security persons are afraid very much in the night to smoke or sleep during their duty. Because the spirit of Major Barton always patrols there. Very strict and disciplined isn't?

Sanjay Gandhi National Park Haunted
You have come here to read a ghost story? You didn’t see one English movie “Exorcist”? It’s very rare isn’t? Remember the girl how she was possessed by the demon. What a terrific performance by that time child actress named Linda Blair. You probably don’t forget her talking in a masculine voice with evil’s language. Think if an actress becomes really possessed and haunted in front of camera? Will that be less attractive than “Exorcist”?

Grand Paradi Towers, Malabar Hills, Mumbai
Grand Paradi Towers is a pros housing complex in Malabar Hills, Mumbai. More than twenty suicides and accidents there, done that place haunted. nay murders remained mysterious for a long time. Many people have attacked with some negative energy that tend then to end their lives.

Three Kings Church, Goa
Once three Portuguese king lived there. They all desired to rule alone. One king invited others for making peace and pisoned them. When people came to kill him, he killed himself. Three kings haunts the church, they wanders there with their presence. They are never resting souls but never hurted anyone.

Haunted Raj Kiran hotel in Lonavala, Maharastra
Raj Kiran hotel in Lonavala, Maharastra is a haunted one. There is a room which is haunted. Ghost pulls off the bed sheet from a guest. Some guests are gone mad after seeing spooky apparitions in the room at very night.

Haunted Savoy Hotel, Mussoorie, Uttarakhand
Rudyard Kipling, the world famous short story writer sent a real incident story to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. He requested him such that Sherlock Holmes can solve the case in his story. Sir Arthur gave this story to Agatha Christie rather than writing himself. Christie wrote her famous suspense thriller “The Mysterious Affair at Styles”. In the novel lady Emily Inglethorp died by poisoning. Famous fictitious detective character Hercule Poirot solved the murder mystery. In reality, this was based on the murder of Lady Garnet in Savoy hotel, Mussoorie. This case remained unsolved for ever. Lady Garnet didn’t have a Hercule Poirot to find her murderer. So after death, she she searches for her killer over hundred years. Garnett’s spirit still haunts there. She checks all rooms probably for her murderer. Many guests have found suddenly doors are opened by some invisible force. Some of them have seen her apparitions roaming on corridors, staircase and the roof of the hotel. People who confronted her told that ghost of Miss Garnett checked them carefully and then dissolved. She looked very sad and cold. Sometimes she sings and whispers in herself. Her voice was recorded several times too.

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