Witches of NH 17 (Mumbai-Goa Highway)
If you ever drive on NH 17 (Mumbai-Goa) don't carry meat or blood. This could make endangered your life. The road is strongly believed as possessed by witches. Till now in the modern age drivers obey many myths according to local folks. There must have some things that's beyond our shaped thoughts.
Once one couple passing the road in their car. It was a heavy night. On the road lights of their car started getting off and on. Within some second the man lost his control in driving. He surprised about what happened. They both came out from the car and was checking for what happened. Suddenly the doors of the car locked mysteriously. They had some meat and other non-veg food in the car. Almost one hour after black smoke started coming out from the car. Being panicked almost after an hour when he managed to open the door and saw there was no sign of their foods. Just that moments he heard screaming of his wife. He ran towards her. What the man saw that was absolutely unbelievable. Someone scratched his wife's neck and face. But, how? Nobody is there except theme self.
The man escaped from there with his wife anyhow. Later he found stories about witches. Those who roams in the dark on NH 17 for blood and flesh.

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