Sanjay Gandhi National Park Haunted
"Don't you fear daily from animals", I asked my Jungle Guide. "No Sir, it's a regular routine, after all men are more dangerous.. ha ha ha! ". Jeep is running out from The Kanheri Caves in Sanjay Gandhi National Park. My two cousins are busy looking at two sides. Dreaming a leopard if they can see now.
"You people are very brave, friend", Pratik, one of my cousin told the guide. The guide, a young man under 30, laughs again. Said in Hindi "Lets the night come, bravery will be in my ……….".
"Why? For animals?, we all now looking at him. "Not animal, not today, will tell you later". We all now smell for suspense. "What the problem? No way tell us now." He moved his head twice that means "no".
Shanjay Gandhi national Park
Sanjay Gandhi National Park Haunted
"Show him our beer can, want one? Then speak out, I can't wait" – Again my junior cousin shouted. This worked like a charm. He showed us a place. "Ok, look there", we are not in deep jungle now, "this is Ketakipada area". We can see encroachments there. Poor people have made their living places with straw and mud. Guide told us these people fear from animal, they feed leopard and others in hand. "I know you don't believe but this", then he continued but they don't come out from their places in night. Because of a chudel(lady ghost).
What we knew from him such as the lady ghost often seen in very night. She asks lift towards the car, sometimes she runs with them. If Driver doesn't stops she starts her mysterious laughing. This time we saw the guide, looks really scared. I understand he is seeing her now in memory. He remains silent for some moments. "I don't care who don't believe", then used slang in Hindi. "But I saw her laughing, impossible for you to imagine, Jay Shree Ram", took shelter of God Rama. We also knew drivers there always stay focused such that they don't slow the speed ever or change car direction anyhow. Because many cars were fell in accident by this haunted presence.
We came back in our guest house before evening and didn't go there at night. But the jungle guards also accepted this. One said that old lady was a hitchhiker died here somehow. Her wandering soul scares people there in night. One guard assumed she was a mad woman and still her spirit has the madness. Then he added "you may not believe, but we work in Jungle, we face many things. Believe is one that saves us"

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