Dwarka Sector 9 Ghost
The tree came into almost middle of the road. This is the mysterious peepul tree in Dwarka Sector 9 and Andheria Mor. In night it becomes a sign of traumatic illusion for some people. Many young call center workers from Gurgaon return their places in cab at night. Some of them had terrible vision there. An old woman had running behind their cab. Her eyes were burning with anger. Sometimes she slaps people in the car invisibly like an unseen energy. She runs in the same speed with car and then disappears. Those who didn't saw her often tells as a rumor. But not for them who seen her running behind of them, especially her eyes. Sometimes she runs towards the car and knock the door with her fearful apparition. In a little number of times she came with little bit general form, knocked, when driver opened the door to help the old woman and she transformed herself with her real apparition leaving them freeze with their heartbeats only.
Not only near the Dwarka Sector 9 metro stations, she has also roamed near Ashok Vihar flyover too. In 2004 an innocent school girl was killed in a school cab. After that day the eerie spirit has seen behind the cabs. Probably she is the protest for that poor child or searching for her killers.

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