Delhi Cantt Haunted Place
Delhi Cantt Haunted Place
It is now 11 o clock at night. Satish makes music system volume little more louder as daily. Car is running through the lonely Cantt road leaving the crowded Delhi behind. It's been a long day; he is very late today, phone ringing several times, it's his wife. Suddenly a cold wind just hit his face. Satish never imagined what creepy moments are waiting for him.
A lady, she is standing right side of the road. Raising a hand to lift her. He just reduced car's speed a little and tried to look clearer. She is wearing a white Saree and face is not clear enough to see.
Delhi Cantonment haunted road
"A Lady? Now?" – He murmured. "No Way", Satish put the gear high and suddenly after few second what happened that was simply spine-chilling. He left the women behind there, but she is again now at the right side of the car. In the same pose asking lift from him. "Oh! My god, it's terrible" – She is now wandering with his car, as running with the same speed. It can't be women. She is just playing with him. Satish was going senseless just trying to hold the steering. After some moments the ghostly apparition vanished in the dark on his left by jumping from the other side of the car. How he survived in the scary night on Delhi Cantt road, probably will not forget in the rest of his life.

The Ghost lady of Delhi cantt and her legends

Delhi cantonment road really a terrifying place for those had seen this eerie ghost lady. Many drivers on the night had gone through the nightmare with her memory. More than 100 of people have seen that lady of Delhi Cantt road, 10-12 of them have died. The lady ghost often appears and disappears in front of the eyes of victims, those who had her experience. They felt she often tried to make them nervous and horrified. Even she knocked the door if the car raises its speed too. Some people claim maybe that lady died in a car accident on cantt road or maybe she was a hitchhiker in her life. Anyway, everyone in that particular road is strictly advised, not to stop the vehicle if someone asks for a lift. With this strange incidence, that area becomes one of the scariest places in Delhi and gets this real Indian ghost story.

Where is Delhi Cantt area located?

Delhi Cantonment is a almost 10,000 acres of area near Dhaula Kaun. It is near Delhi University. nearest Bus Stop is Daula Kaun and nearest landmark Overhead Water Tank.

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