St James Cemetery
St James Cemetery
An eerie ghostly figure caught on camera by a ghost hunter in St James Cemetery. It could be a 17th century soldier, claimed by them. The picture was taken by Louisa Farrell, the ghost appeared as wearing Civil War era period's armour. Farrell took the picture while the spooky figure strolling through the headstones.
Accroding to the Liverpoolecho, the armour, which would cover the chest and arms and which had elbow protection, was widely used by most armies until the end of the 17th century, for both foot and mounted troops.
Many soldiers in the historic period would wear three quarter suits of armour, with their legs uncovered and in the picture the chilling white shape seems to be in keeping with the tradition.
The outline of a face can also be made out and the shape is wearing what could be a helmet.
Keith Braithwaite has hosted ghost walks in St James Cemetery since 2002 and said it is “one of the most haunted cemeteries on Merseyside”.
Another lady ghost is reported in Aston villa with some change in color.. lol! It's the Green lady Ghost of this haunted house. In the great hall she is often seen sitting on the chair. A Green lady ghost named for her because she wears high collar green dress. She is Mrs. Walker, was a housekeeper in the villa in her life. Her apparition only became visible for less time then she disappears often without saying or doing any activity.
Describing the chilling picture, the ghost hunter said: “It looks like battle dress back in the day.
And I think it is a soldier from back when Prince Rupert came to Liverpool.”
In 1644, during the English Civil War Siege of Liverpool Prince Rupert of Germany arrived on Merseyside with 10,000 men and camped his men along what is now known as Everton Brow.
A lock-up, known as Prince Rupert’s Tower or the Everton Lock-Up was erected, and remains on Everton Brow to this day, after the prince and his troops camped in the area.
Louise, who captured the mysterious figure, on March 7, said: “It was my first ghost walk with Keith. “And I was really excited to have seen something show up and the first thing I saw was a face on the right hand side. “But then I noticed the figure on the left which I thought looked like some sort of priest. “The picture has got loads of atmosphere in it.”
Keith added: “I have done walks since 2002 and I do one in St James once a mouth. “It is a very active place and we always get a result but at the same time the people I take around have respect for the dead. “It is one of the most haunted cemeteries on Merseyside plus there is lots of history to the people who are buried in there. “All my walks are free of charge, members do have a little wip around some times and that all goes towards Halloween nights I have for the kids of the members of the group. “And I now nearly have 8000 Facebook members on the group world wide.”
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