Haunted Places in Wisconsin

  • Huntley Elementary, Appleton

    There was a kid named "Marky" who worked, or was believed to work for the Mob in the late 20's. He had a screaming fit about the color purple, and has apparently been spotted by early teen's trying to pick them up (girls and guys). There have been stories in the paper about him, nevertheless he remains a ghost to the surrounding city folk because they know of him, and his past. Neighbors won't go near his old house, because he's said to still live in the basement. Every once in a while he's seen at night throwing fits, and convulsing & muttering something about the Mob bosses that he used to work for.
  • Secura Insurance Company, Appleton

    about 150 years ago or longer, before the Secura Building was on their current land there was a pond and in the pond they were installing narrow pipes to filter the water. Well stories say that a little girl who was with her parents on a picnic fell into the pond got stuck in one of the pipes and drowned. People say that to this very day on certain nights if you walk by the pond where the little girl drowned you can hear her cries and her parent’s frantic screams.
  • Old Argonne Grade School, Argonne

    Back in the 1950's, a janitor hung himself in the upstairs storage room. When he school finally closed in the early 1990's, kids would go up on a dare to write their name on the wall, and would see a man plain as day hanging from the rafter, and even if they didn't see him they would hear the sounds of the rose squeaking on the boards and of the janitor moaning.- January 2006 Update: The school was condemned in the early 1990's, and a few years ago it was torn down, but some people still see lights there late at night.
  • Rinehart Theater, Ashland

    There have been many reports of footsteps heard from the upstairs costume room. During a performance cast members reported seeing the door to the dressing room open, the downstairs toilet flush, and the door close afterwards. A director said that she saw the ghost standing in the middle of the stage with it's back turned to her. She could see the body but no face. Another time cast members arrived to the theatre to find three lit candles in a triangle with a rose placed in the middle of the stage.
  • McNeel Middle School, Beloit

    The ghost seems to have disturbed by the students and slams doors sometimes. In a little occasion, the scream heard from inside the room where all the costumes are kept. When everyone checked nothing was there. But once in a gruesome incident, Theatre teacher Ms. Franze was sleeping on the couch. When she woke up and panicked after seeing bloods all over herself. Some students found, then an electrical plug stuck in the back of the head. It's not confirmed if this is done by some unearthly presence or just an accident. But almost everyone gossiped about this later as done by ghosts.

  • Jay road - Seven Bridges Road, Boltonville

    Jay road-"Seven Bridges Road" - There is a section of Jay road which goes thru a swamp. The area is always very dark and ominous. In the winter months this part is closed due to flooding and ice. The history is that apparently a woman was jogging down Jay road at some early part of the morning. A drunk driver, either didn't see her or was unable to stop in time to avoid hitting her. (If you travel this length of the road you will see there is no shoulder.)Her body was knocked into the swamp. Whether the incident was reported to the police is still under debate, however her body was never recovered. Persons who have traveled "Seven Bridges" have reported seeing a haze appear just outside their headlights, when your vehicle "catches up to" the entity it appears as a figure of a woman in a jogging outfit. She will jog down the road in front of your vehicle for about fifty feet, before she turns to face you, and you literally "hit" her. Some have had her vanish on their hoods while others say they have seen her head appear in their vehicles and look at the driver before disappearing. Reports also say if you go down this same length during the day vehicles(which are stopped) may not start up after being shut down. And that she is trying to stop people so that her body may be put to it's "proper rest". You could not mistake this pert of Jay road, on the brightest sunny summer day it's cold, dark and always extremely quiet. - February 2004 correction: The stop sign on the corner of Seven Bridges and Jay Road appears to be bleeding. When you are far away the blood seems to be dripping, but then as you approach the stop sign it disappears. If you step out of your car and look at it, there is nothing there.
  • Joe road, Stockbridge

    back in the early 1900's the state wanted to build a road over an old Indian burial ground. The grounds keeper called Indian Joe would not let them, so they ran him over and built the road over him. If you drive down the road which is up hill both ways and stop at the bottom, put your car in neutral Joe will push you up hill to the end of the road. If you put flour or any powder on the back of your car you will see the handprints after the push. - February 2004 Update: If traveling South on WI 55 its a quarter mile from a hotel on the right and it will be your first right on a road after Co Tk F. The submitter tried it and it is a real "Gravity Hill." They report no handprints on the back of their truck though. Thinking it was a fluke they turned around and tried to roll down the hill from midway up and i went happily rolling backwards up the hill into 30 mph headwind! The road isn’t all to tricky to find but coming from Lakeshore Drive and 55 the road ID signs have been removed, by either locals trying to keep people from trying the hill or by vandals.
  • Rib Mountain storage plant, Wausau

    One foggy night in the late evening, a couple of kids reported seeing a lady with a knife in her chest. They went closer to see what was making a loud ruckus in the second story of an abandon storage building. They climbed to the second floor and to their astonishment they found blood on the walls and a lady and her kid in the bath tub soaked in a tub of blood. knives were protruding threw various body parts and the kids started to twitch uncontrollably. They looked back after trying to leave and everything was gone. So now every night at about 12:00 on the dot you can see the boys twitching profusely and the decomposed mother and her child in a bath tub of blood. The building has been torn down but you can still see them for a brief second or two or three at exactly 12:00.
  • Stones Throw Bar/Club, Eau Claire

    an employee there for a few years reports almost everyone that worked there had strange things happen. People would hear footsteps in the old kitchen hallways downstairs, beer bottles would mysteriously break and/or fly across the room in the basement. Bartenders would hear doors slam downstairs after the bar had closed and they were the only ones there. Once long after everyone had left, a bartender was getting ready to leave when he shouted "ok everybody out" jokingly knowing he had already cleared the bar of people. At that instance, a man stood up from his chair, shook out his coat and proceeded to walk to the door, where he disappeared completely. That bartender left and never worked again. It is one of the oldest buildings in town, and it is rumored that a man hung himself there in the early 1900's.
  • Elms road, Delevan

    As the legend goes there was a man that used to Live on elms road he was a butcher and was the butcher for that town one night he had went crazy and chopped his family up one by one in the local butcher, Later that night he hand hung him self in the barn in the woods... it has been stated and many others who were non believers till now that if you go to were the old butcher shop was you will hear frantic screaming and loud laughing, It was also stated that he had hung him self in his barn which was located in the woods if you are going down the street toward delevan turn left onto Elms road then go straight for about 7 miles till you come to a gravel road on the left side and turn left onto the road go all the way down into the woods area then keep straight to right about were the road turns to field and make sure everyone you are with is looking straight ahead or not at all, then every one you are with turn there head to the right and you will see the man with the rope around his neck standing there then he will disappear...You can also go to wear the barn is located and still see the rope hanging there WARNING: Please for your own safety don't go alone!!
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