Haunted Places in West Virginia

  • Soldiers Memorial Theatre, Raliegh, Beckley

    There are concerts held at this location and if you go wondering off where you're not supposed to then you will see something like a silhouette of a person following you. This building has once been a Y.M.C.A. and is now a Art Centre. It is said to be people from the old Y.M.C.A.
  • Wade elementary school, Bluefield

    Different sightings has been reported about seeing children running down the halls although this school has been closed down quite some time now. There has been a few people killed at Wade including a women getting decapitated and three kids falling over dead for no apparent reason
  • Capitol Plaza Theatre, Charleston

    This theatre was built in 1909 on the site of the old Welch Mansion that had stood there since 1798. The theatre still houses some of the family that once lived in the mansion. Capital Plaza is now a venue for artists such as Tori Amos, R.E.M., and other well-known musicians. The former theatre where "Mountain Stage" was recorded, is a place that gives people chills when they enter the area. The most prolific ghost here is that of John Welch. He was the son of the man who built the house and heir to the Welch fortune. John is very sneaky and likes to play around with peoples' minds. He is quite protective of the place and of the actors who frequent the stage. Another ghost, not quite as active, is known as Molly Welch. She was John's youngest daughter who died of pneumonia in 1840 around the age of eight. She is very shy, but sometimes when an actor is standing on stage, she can be seen sitting in the front row of the balcony.
  • Charleston Train Depot and Carriage Trail, Charleston

    On the bank of the Kanawaha River, at the train depot, just at the bottom of the exclusive South Hills mountain drive, the Charleston Train Depot rivals any 19th century European Town Center. At the depot, flanked by the river on one side and a winding suburban mountain road also exists a carriage trail which led, in days gone by, to the Governors Mansion. The depot has a restaurant and a scenic view. The old carriage trail is barely noticeable from the train platform, but driving up the hill on the right side of the forked road motorists can see a clear wide carriage road leading to what is now Sunrise Museum. Vagrants and homeless people are said to spend some nights near the bottom of the trail waiting for a train to hop, and high school students sometimes wander the trail at the top of the trail behind the museum. No one ventures past the desecrated statue of a Our Lady. A dark spot exists in summer and winter at the second curve from the top of the trail (or the third from the bottom). West Virginia was fiercely abolitionist during the Civil War and the state seceded from Virginia because the mountain men and their Indian Wives did not believe in slavery. The Underground Railroad ran through the exclusive South
  • Gravesite of Zona Heaster Shue, Greenbrier County

    - the ghost of Zona Heaster Shue appeared to her mother about two weeks afer her death to show her the truth of her untimely death. Zona's husband was abusive and had pushed her down the stairs in a fit of rage. He told authorities that she had just fallen. However, Zona's mother never trusted her son-in-law and didn't believe his story, so she prayed that Zona would return to her and enlighten her with the truth. Zona heeded her mother's request and showed her mother what had really happened, and this manifestation brought about the arrest and conviction of the husband.
  • Spry Cemetery at Dry Branch Hollow/Lambert, Harts

    A woman by the name of Dixie V. Counts is buried in this cemetery beside her still born infant. The baby’s name is Charlie and he died along with his mother during labor. On a full moon, the dates of their death can be clearly seen and Dixie can be seen rocking her baby. The both of them appear in white gowns and seem to be crying. There is also a legend about the devil appearing to a man on the foot bridge of this cemetery during the 1950’s. The devil challenged the man to a fight because he was mean to his family and neighbors. The man had even claimed just the day before that he was mean enough to whip the devil himself. When he said to the devil, "Come over here to the road, and I will fight you," the devil replied, "You know who I am and I cannot cross running water." With wicked laughter, he disappeared. The next day, a boy was walking with the man who had been challenged by the devil. He went to the bridge and found cloven goat hoof prints branded into the wood of the bridge.
  • Hacker's Creek Hill, Hodgesville

    At the top of the hill you can see the old road to the Mount Lebanon Church. On late nights, if you sit near the top of the hill, you can see the ghost of a boy who was killed in the 1920's. His spirit seems to be pedaling his bicycle uphill, trying to get home. You can see him in his dark blue coat, and can hear the clank and rattle of his bicycle chain. Near the bottom of the hill, on stormy nights, you can see the ghost of a man and his wife on an old horse cart. They were believed to be bringing supplies home during a thunderstorm. The cart rolled however, killing them both.
  • Sandy Huff Hollow Road, Iaeger

    - There are several hauntings and ghosts in this hollow. One, in particular, is the strange appearance of an extremely large "doglike" creature that many of the hunters and ATV riders in the area have seen. Chickens, cats, and other dogs always turn up missing from their homes. Some say that they have seen the creature more than once and have also seen the creature stand up on two legs and run off into the woods. Some hunters say that they have been stalked by the creature while hunting. One lady explained that she noticed the creature outside her mobile home. Once the creature noticed her looking, it made its way to the window. The lady quickly ran through the home locking doors and turning off lights. She said that the "thing" banged and scratched on her home all night.
  • Lewisburg courthouse

    This court house has stood for many years, the court house and once town jail are linked together. Many people from murderers, to rapists, were tried in this place and sentenced to life. at night time you can hear horrifying moans coming from inside and out side of the court house. On one occasion there was a report of two teenagers that got chased down the street by a man with a knife. They said it was real misty looking but you could still make out that it was a man with a knife.
  • State Penitentiary, Marshall County

    This facility was once one of the most violent jails that ever existed. It was condemned and shut down in 1995, and now claims to be the most paranormal site on the East Coast. This place is haunted by former inmates, and in this place you can see lights going off, and sometimes you can hear laughing, and as well as iron doors shutting, by themselves. Witnesses have reported hearing footsteps walking up stairs in areas without stairs, the appearance of mysterious formations, and many other horrifying experiences. The spirits are believed to be those of past prisoners.
  • Point Pleasant, Mason County

    Boys Industrial School at Lakin - It is a an old rather large house. It has 3 floors, you can feel something as soon as you enter. It has many cold spots. The feeling of not being alone. A heavy smell of smoke & death as you enter the second floor & noises as if someone is following you up and down the stairs. At times you can see a patch of a bluish fog around the place. You can hear footsteps on the second and third floors. Doors slamming with no explanation and even being touch by something. You always have the feeling of something is watching you.
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