Haunted Places in Virginia

  • Woodlawn Plantation, Alexandria

    Woodlawn Plantation, Alexandria
    On Woodlawn Plantation, which was once land of Mount Vernon (George Washington's personal home. When his step-daughter Nellie got married he gave her some land that is on a hill that was on his land. He was able to stand in part of him house and use a telescope to see her house so that he could keep an eye on her). The students of Woodlawn Elementary took a field trip to Woodlawn Plantation. Some reported the feeling of pushing from behind or that they where going to fall down the stairs.
  • Amelia Wildlife Reserve

    Amelia Wildlife Reserve Haunted
    Amelia Wildlife Management Area is a Wildlife Management Area in Virginia. Maintained by Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries it's open to all for boating, hunting, fishing, etc. Before few years due to gruesome consecutive murders, some haunting legends spread over the area. Those who claims Amelia Wildlife Reserve as haunted, told about two apparitional figures of murdered ladies have been seen there.

  • Wakefield High School, Arlington

    Wakefield High School, Arlington
    Haunting in this location will occur if you sit in the balcony seats alone. If no one else is in the theatre, you may hear the sound of someone playing the piano, even if the piano is in sight and no one can be seen near it. You may also see twin spotlights shining on the stage. If you continue to watch them, they will swing out and begin to scan the theatre, pointing in directions that wouldn't be possible from the lighting booth, and, eventually, resting on your location in the balcony. There have also been reports of the figure of a young man walking back and forth along the catwalk over the stage. If you go up to the catwalk, you will find no one there. It is rumored that a member of the theatre crew died during a performance by falling from the catwalk sometime during the early sixties.
  • Randolph-Macon College, Ashland

    Randolph-Macon College, Ashland
    two ghosts were seen by a student in Wash Frank Hall. Wash Frank Hall had recently been renovated and was kept locked after classes. The history department was housed in that building. A guy named Buzzy found the door unlocked, went in and played the piano (he has just lost a football player friend that evening who died in the library). He looked up sensing a presence in the room and there was a man dressed in turn of the century clothes sitting across the room. The man gestured for him to continue playing but Buzzy got freaked out and ran out of the place.
  • Langley Air force Base, Bethel Reservoir

    Crater Range, Ajo
    What is now covered by Bethel reservoir was once a Revolutionary War and Civil War battlefield with many casualties buried there. Supposedly before the Revolutionary War it was sacred ground to the PaMounkie Indians. Several drownings have occurred there over the years, along with some alleged kidnappings and rapes. One of the more famous drownings happened the summer of '88. The aptly named Dewy Banks fell out of a canoe and drown. No one actually witnessed the event but his body was found several weeks later. Strange occurrences have been reported there for years including hearing your voice called; strange fogs, ball lightening, etc.
  • Castle Hill Manor, Charlottesville

    Castle Hill Manor, Charlottesville
    Castle Hill Manor was built before the Revolutionary War in 1765, by a Dr. Thomas Walker. Many guests who have stayed at the manor have been aroused and really frightened in the middle of the night by uncanny noises or footsteps. Some guests over the years have seen a female and described her as a young pretty woman who is sometimes playful and whose main goal is to disturb the people that she doesn't like sleeping in her room. However other guests who she does like have slept in peace in her room. In the early 1800's a prince and princes lived in the house and had many festive parties. Guest are also woken by sounds of chairs moving across the floor, glasses clinking, and footsteps walking swiftly across the floor. Possibly the ghosts are reliving the parties they had hundreds of years ago.
  • Emory & Henry College

    Crater Range, Ajo
    Music Hall was at one time a debate/courtroom building. It is said that a heated discussion became too much for one of the men, therefore he left the room to get some air. As he was leaning on the windowsill, his opponent pushed him out. The man caught the hanging lamp outside, but fell to his death from a third story window. To this day, that hanging lamp will constantly swing even when the weather is not windy. Also, some nights, mysterious walking and piano playing can be heard when no one is at the piano. The third floor of "MaWa" Hall is also haunted! It is said that a young woman who lived there was stood up for the fall formal dance. She hanged herself from the middle shower stall in the community bathroom. Sometimes that showerhead will squirt water out of control from the hardware connected to the wall. And also the sound of high heels has been heard going up and down the hall late in the evening hours.
  • Chatham Manor, Fredericksburg

    Chatham Manor, Fredericksburg
    The apparition of a white lady walks a path on these grounds that has become known as Ghost Walk. Chatham was built in 1771 by William Fitzhugh. He named it after a close friend, William Pitt, the Earl of Chatham. Another English friend of Fitzhugh brought his daughter to live at Chatham in an effort to break up her romance with a commoner. But the man followed her to America, and the two planned to elope from Chatham Manor. He gave her a rope ladder and waited in a small boat in a nearby river. Unfortunately, none other than George Washington, another close friend of Fitzhugh, was staying there at the same time. He learned of their plans from a maid and had his men arrest the suitor. The girl returned to England with her father and later married. But she vowed to return to Chatham Manor to look for her lover. Her ghost was first sighted there on the day she died, June 21, 1790, and returns every seven years on the anniversary of her death to wander along the path to the river, looking for her lost love.
  • Major Grahm's Mansion, Grahm's Forge

    Major Grahm's Mansion, Grahm's Forge
    Owned by a slave owner, he tortured and killed many of his slaves. He burned down a slave house with over 100 men, women, and children inside. Coming close to the house, you get the sensation of pain and anger. Lights turn on and off, even though there are no electrical cables. Curtains move. You can here someone going up and down the stairs. Bloody handprints sometimes stain the basement, which is where cages are and where slaves were kept and tortured. There is a guillotine there also. If you stay too long, you will start to here voices, screaming, babies crying, and lots of yelling. Be careful. Many who enter this house say they always bring out something with them. If you drive by the place late at night, there are lights on, and there is no electricity to the house, and a figure that walks by the attic window, and the gates are rusted shut, and there are no cars. There is one specific light that shines at you, then the light turns into two lights, then three, then one again, and then all of a sudden the lights go out, and then back on again. - September Correction: formerly listed as being in Foster Falls. There is electricity run to the house. There are "No Trespassing" signs on every other tree. - November 2005 Correction: Graham was a slaveholder, but he never tortured or murdered over 100 slaves. That would have indeed brought the authorities, even in the South. 100 slaves would represent a vast fortune. A local slave owner named McGavock never mentioned the stories formerly submitted in his extensive diaries and they were close neighbors and friends. The house is indeed supposed to be haunted.
  • Old House Woods, Mathews

    Old House Woods, Mathews
    These stories have been passed down for a good 200 years. These instances have been recognized as the most bizarre psychic phenomena ever recorded. Anywhere from swash buckling pirates burring stolen gold; A ghost ship hovering over the woods; British soldiers hiding colonial treasure during the revolutionary war; A full Spanish galleon which vanishes in thin air; Skeletons in knight's armor wielding threatening swords; Mysterious groups of shovelers digging furiously late at night; to ghost horses and cows appearing and disappearing before your eyes. All of these and more have been seen at different times of the year. There has also been a rumor going around of a witch that lets off a green light flying through the trees. - February 2004 addition: 4 Eye-witnesses have vowed never to return to this area of land. The woods got their name from an old house that was in the center of them. The story behind the house is unknow at this time. The house caught on fire and then put its self out. Then a few years later it caught fire again and burned to the foundation. There is one spirit that comes up out of the water and walks along the beach towards the road. At first glance it is a rather grey glowing figure dressed in worn pirate style clothing if you are able to catch the face it is that of a skeleton. The Spanish Galleon that comes in from the water hovering over the beach and then above the woods. If you are on the beach and face the woods you can see the grove in the tree line as to where the ship docks. You can watch the ship hover there above the trees and watch as figures of men get off the ship. The whole wooded area lights up and you can hear digging and clanking of shovels.. There are 2 black headless dogs that will come out of the woods and chase you. As well as jump onto your vehicle or in the bed of your truck. The green light is truly astonishing. It is more like a ball of light. That is so intense it lights up everything it flashes 3 times for brief periods of time. but doesn't distort your night vision when it passes.. Usually when you see that light it is time to go. You have worn out your welcome on the beach. If you remain things will start to attack your vehicle. There are also accounts of people vanishing in those woods. They say that if you get too close to the treasure you never return. Various people over the years have gone in searching and never made it back
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