Haunted Places in Tennessee

  • The Old Stone House, Alcoa

    The Old Stone House, Alcoa
    It is said haunted by an old man who built on the house for over 45yrs. He and his wife believed that as long as they kept on working on the stone house that they would never die. His wife died first and he just said that she lost her faith. He died about 20 yrs later but you can still see candlelight and hear him building on the house even during the day.
  • Bethel Assembly of God Church, Atoka

    Bethel Assembly of God Church, Atoka
    The church has a large and fairly old cemetery (est. in the 1850's) on its grounds, these grounds are said to house a very unfriendly spirit. The spirit is said to have a dog like head, lion sized body with the coarse mane like hair, and deep red eyes. I have been told of two incidents when it was sighted and chased people out of the cemetery. On one occasion as the people cleared the fence to get away it hit the fence so hard that it shook, but it did not pursue them after they had left.
  • Palestine Church, Clarksburg

    Palestine Church, Clarksburg
    This is an old abandoned church that is surrounded by a cemetery. You can still go inside the church, it is not locked. If you go inside at night, you can see a person sitting on the piano stool, and hear them begin to play the very LOW notes on the piano. Also, you can see someone standing in the corner wearing a black cloak, and covering his or her face. You can hear the wood floor creaking as if someone is walking toward you, if you have the courage to STAY that long. As you start to leave you can hear the sounds of "things" running through the woods, leaves rustling, sticks breaking, etc. And you have the feeling of being "watched" the whole time you are there.
  • Reasthaven cemetery, Clarksville

    Reasthaven cemetery, Clarksville
    there's a house back behind the actual cemetery that is said to have been the house of a slave owner. As the story goes one of the slaves impregnated the slave owner's daughter by forms of rape. The slave owner killed the slave. It is said that the slave still haunts the house and neighboring cemetery looking for his unborn child. I've been there myself and me and some other people were walking up to the house and light bluish/greenish light crept up the house. so of course we fled to where we were parked on the outside road. we got in the car and as we pulled off a wind of gravel hit the back window. the weird thing was we were on a paved road with no gravel in sight.
  • Baker Peters Jazz Club, Knoxville

    Baker Peters Jazz Club, Knoxville
    Baker Peters Jazz Club is a known haunted site in Knoxville. Now a trendy & expensive Jazz bar, it was once a Civil War era residence. The baseline of the story goes that the house was built by a Dr. James Harvey Baker. Dr. Baker's allegiances in the war are disputed; some have him on the side of the Confederates, others have him as neutral. Either way, he did have at least one son that we know of named Abner who fought staunchly for the Confederates (other versions have Dr. Baker with TWO sons on opposing sides of the war). During an invasion by the Union army in 1864, Dr. Baker was treating wounded Confederates in his home when the Union army arrived and demanded the surrender of the men in the house. Dr. Baker refused and barricaded himself and in his bedroom. The Yankees invaded the house, raced upstairs and shot him through the door. Upon returning home, 22 yr old Abner vowed revenge on the person who informed the Yankees that his father harbored Confederates. He did kill the informer, a postmaster, but was later killed by the informer's friends in a return act of revenge. Legend has it that Abner has refused to leave the house that he and his family fought so hard to retain. The house went through several changes of hands before becoming a jazz bar, which was likely very disrupting to whatever spirits are there. Baker Peters claims to have a framed photo of what looks like Abner's ghostly reflection posted somewhere in the restaurant. Other accounts report employees experiencing chills, hearing whispering, objects moving or being thrown from shelves and breaking, and even (in the early days) discovering a hanging candelabra in a dining room with the candle holders twisted downward.
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