Haunted Places in South Dakota

  • Mount Marty College, Yankton

    Mount Marty College, Yankton
    Whitby Hall - Room 200 - is said to have been haunted, and due to this, until the past two years, was vacant. Light never touches the door, no matter what lights are on, and even during the day, light barely makes it into the window to hit the door. There has been other sightings on the floor - a figure walking across a resident’s room near the door – they were the only one in the room, and the door was closed. All i could see was the pants, they seemed to be a gray polyester. Other rooms have seen figures in hard hats and blue suits. When they rolled over to get up and talk to them, the figure was gone, and when they checked the door, they realized it was still locked - the doors at that time would unlock if you closed them while they were locked. They have also seen a white figure in a corner - non-descript, just standing there.
  • The Judge Amidon Monument, Sioux Falls

    The Judge Amidon Monument, Sioux Falls
    Tall stone monument that overlooks Sioux Falls north side near the cemetery is the place where a South Dakota farmer / judge Mr. Amidon was killed by American Indians in an uprising as he plowed his field. His 14 -year-old son was sh`t to death with arrows through his chest as he tried to help his father as well. The monument is dedicated in their honor. Strange feelings of being watched are found here as well as occasional orb lights. It's not known due to the very close proximity to the cemetery very close by if the spirits are from there or the judge and his son.
  • Haunted Gitchie Manitou State Preserve | Sioux Falls

    Gitchie Manitou State Preserve, Sioux Falls
    Incredible place historically. Occupied by the Oneota American Indians in the late 1600's and later the Yankton Sioux American Indians until the early 1900's, this continual American Indian occupation was a ceremonial place covered in large boulders that were thought to have healing properties. Large boulders survive to this day with the "dimples" in the rock caused from the American Indian's tapping instruments into the rock and then grinding the chips of the boulder into powder to me mixed with other herbs and grasses as medicine. At one time it was believed that in excess of 10,000 American Indians occupied this site. Some excavations have discovered human projectile points dating back over 8500 years old.
  • Rock Creek Day School

    Mount Marty College, Yankton
    Witnesses report hearing an old record player, foot steps and doors opening when the building is empty. teacher's grading papers late at night will also hear voices and paper, desk, and chairs moving around. One occasion the head cook opened early to cook breakfast and heard voices coming toward her but no one was there. Another occasion people will see a man and woman peaking out of the window late at night when they pass by the school. Along time ago there was a flood in Rock Creek that took out a graveyard, the water covered the entire village that all the coffins were floating around and they had to evacuate to the hills, horseback riders roped the coffins to bring to shore. A lot of the coffins were opened and no bodies were missing. A lot of the bodies were sunk into the sand. So it is to believe that the whole village is haunted. There is to believe that a tall man dressed in black roams the village late at night. A lot of residences of this small village have seen him. There has been a report of a Skelton seen hanging in a tree on Booth Road.
  • Dakota Junior High, Rapid City

    Mount Marty College, Yankton
    The heater room said to be haunted by football coach and team that had died years ago in a plane crash. - Update: The story is in 1968 or 69, on St. Patrick’s Day, the cheerleading squad and their coaches were killed in a plane crash at Rapid City Regional Airport while returning from the state AA's boys basketball tournament in Sioux Falls. It was a private plane owned by one of the cheerleader’s father. Now there is an award given out at the state basketball tournaments every year to the cheerleading squad with the best spirit, called the Spirit of Six Award and is in honor of the 6 cheerleaders who were killed in the crash. It is the Third Floor Gym of the school, which is supposedly haunted because that is where they use.
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