Haunted Places in South Carolina

  • Holley House, Aiken

    Holley House, Aiken
    This Inn was built in 1898 and is still open today. The second floor has many unusual happenings. Many unexplained noises and shadows. Housekeepers report hearing "whispers" when the floor is empty. Many times a housekeeper's cart will be at the opposite end of the hall when she returns from cleaning a room. Guests report a lady crying, sometimes screaming on occasion. Toilets flush in unoccupied rooms. Doors open and close. Many times the TV in room 225 is found on even though it has not been unoccupied. The lights in the basement mysteriously are found on.
  • The Chapel of Ease, Beaufort

    The Chapel of Ease, Beaufort
    This notorious church is located on St. Helena and now stands deserted. When workers tried to seal up the crypt behind the church, they would find a surprise awaiting them the following morning. The bricks used to seal off the crypt somehow got neatly put in a little pile. All of their work seemed to be in vain for this happened numerous times. Other people have reported strange sensations when walking through the church's graveyard.
  • Rock House Rd, Blacksburg

    Rock House Rd, Blacksburg
    There is an old tale of the history of Rock House Rd. The road runs alongside the King's Mountain Battle Ground. Rock House Rd. got its name from a rock house that was constructed in the early 1800's. This house is still standing and can be viewed only one day a year. The legend is, is there was a family that lived in the house. A happy family but they had a mentally impaired daughter. She was to stay in the house cellar because she was an embarrassment. Her father made her stay in the cellar all day but at night he would give her a candle and let her venture outside. One night the daughter decided to go out further than usual. Her candle however blew out. The girl was lost. She tried to find her way in the darkness but she was unsuccessful. She later died. It is said that anyone who lives on Rock House Rd. Can light a candle and hold it to the window and the girls face will appear.
  • Binghams light

    Binghams light
    It is said back in the early 1800's a man's two children became missing in a snow storm. The man went in search of his children and never returned and neither did his children. It is said if you drive into the woods by a dirt road you will see his lantern glowing in the distance. It is also said if you scream to the light that you have his children the light will turn red. There are no reports of anyone getting close to the light but if you wait long enough maybe the light will come to you.- December Update: Bingham's lights appear close to the old cemetery, which is actually split into two sections, one on each of two hilltops. If you drive down the road between the graveyards tow
  • Slave cemetery, Brattonsville

    Slave cemetery, Brattonsville
    It is on Burkins road. It is basically woods, and every hole you step in is a slave. If you go through the woods for a while, you will come up to a tombstone about 3 feet tall. You can barely read it, but it is the tombstone of Watt,he was likely an important slave. Behind it is a rock lying on the ground, and underneath it is his wife. Next to it if you shine the light, you can see the sunken in ground where a slave is lying, and you can also see where the wife is laying. Its incredibly scary. You get a really weird feeling if you stand on in a grave in the pitch black.Make sure you bring flash lights.
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