Haunted Places in Rhode Island

  • Haunted Colt State Park, Bristol

    Colt State Park, Bristol
    Used to be a farm until it was sold to the state in the 50's or 60's. Apparently a stable hand died in the barn (now used as the park office). staff has shut off lights and closed doors only to find them on or open when they come back a few hours later, but nothing much more than that. One witness reports he was going to his car from the beach at what is called "Suicide Hill" and saw two little girls walking up the path towards him. They vanished as he got closer. A guy who works there confirmed one of his ex-coworkers saw the same girls and heard giggling in the woods in that area. Supposedly two young sisters drowned in the waters off the point back in the 70's. The park closes at dark and is patrolled so you can't be in there late.
  • Roger Williams University Theatre, Bristol

    Roger Williams University Theatre, Bristol
    Originally two separate 19th century barns the Roger Williams theatre is home to a ghost sometimes referred to by the students as Banquo. I was told that a farm hand froze to death in the hayloft of one of the barns before it was the theatre. There have been accounts of cold spots where the temperature is significantly colder in a localized area. Also have the heavy stage 'blacks' blowing in the wind when there is no wind. Names being called by no one.
  • Cartie's health center, Central Falls

    Cartie's health center, Central Falls
    a nursing home that was built in the 50's. A temporary nurse working the graveyard shift reports - First night there, a well-dressed, friendly woman unlocked the door to cheerily let her in & gave her directions to the unit. Later en route to the candy machine on the ground floor, she passed the smiling, humming woman. The nurse commented to an aide that she wished that she was as "bright-eyed & bushy-tailed" as the lady downstairs. The aide said that there was no way that anyone was in the locked building & there were no employees or residents that fit that description. At the end of the shift this was confirmed.
  • Phoenix (Harris) Fire Station, Coventry

    Phoenix (Harris) Fire Station, Coventry
    This fire station was built in 1887 and was used for a village meeting place as well as a fire department. Many gatherings where held within the station such as weddings and wakes in the early 1900s. Numerous people who work at this station as well as visitors have seen aberrations passing through the entrance to the stairwell on the first floor. Voices are often heard but never understood. People will often say they have the feeling of not being alone when in the dayroom. Personnel within the station openly speak of this haunting but can't say for certain who it may be.
  • Woods in Maureen Cir, The Swamp Bride, Mapleville/Burrilville

    Woods in Maureen Cir, The Swamp Bride, Mapleville/Burrilville
    This true story happened during the month of august in the 1810s Katherine Donahue was a tall dirty blonde haired lady. She was in love with Jonathan Cuttle who she was to marry in September. Her life was as you could say perfect except for one thing there was one man who lived right near her he lived alone and was obsessed with Katherine. His name was David Jones. Besides him Katherine loved her life. One day Katherine and her younger brother Charles went down to a nearby swamp. Katherine went to get water for the family and Charles went hunting pheasant. At David s house David went mad. He knew Katherine would never love him and David charged out the door with a black knife. He stopped at Jonathan s farm first. Jonathan was picking hay with a pitchfork. He put it down and turned around. David slowly grabbed the fork and jabbed the fork into Jonathan s back. Katherine was sitting by the water David saw her and threw his knife at her which went right threw her neck. She started screaming in pain as she dropped to the ground and died.Rocking chairs have been heard rocking in the halls and voices and noises are heard late at night in the halls.
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