More than 500 Haunted Places of America will shock you

  • Ico Cemetery, Grant County

    The cemetery is located off of Grant 58 in Ico. There are reports of lights, gravestones being relocated, a feeling of being chased from the cemetery, and ghost cars following you back down 58, towards the highway.
  • Old Redfield Road, Grant County

    There are reports of everything and anything, from ghosts wandering the road, apparitions in the cemetery, and flashlights and radios going dead with no explanation while in the actual cemetery. An actual experience within the family occurred when driving down the road. The hood of the car flew open for no apparent reason, other than passing the "haunted" cemetery. Upon arriving home, they found nothing wrong with the car that would have caused the hood to unlatch.
  • Prague Cemetery, Grant County

    The cemetery is located off Prague Road (off 270 E). Reports of voices, lights and faces in the trees, and ghost trains actually barreling through the cemetery itself. There is also a rumor of a girl who was tied to the train tracks(no longer present) in the near area, but authenticity of that rumor is unknown.
  • Gurdon Railroad Tracks

    If you walk down the tracks late at night, you will see a green light down the track. They say there was a man that was walking on them, and one day had got stuck in them. A train had cut his head off, and ever since then, you can see a light that looks like a lantern going down the tack. He is looking for his head. It was on Unsolved Mysteries.
  • Town square, Laramie, Albany

    Town square, Laramie, Albany
    hearing a piano playing but no one there when there is only a piano in one room. hearing running up and down the hall when no one is around. getting the felling that you are getting pushed down the stairs when you get close.
  • Knight Hall, University of Wyoming

    Knight Hall, University of Wyoming
    In Second floor Wailing sounds hear at night from outside the windows, faces can be seen within the windows. Basement - Beating drum sounds within the basement. Basement- Any possible light cannot penetrate the complete darkness lingering within the area. South end of the West Wing - seen a young Indian Girl sitting there, then disappearing. In third floor, feeling of always being watched after dark.
  • Arapahoe Middle School

    Arapahoe Middle School
    there has been sounds and things getting thrown around and cooks have been hearing things in the basement and in the gym you can here people talk when your by your self.
  • Medicine Bow, Virginian

    Medicine Bow, Virginian
    A ghost is said to haunt the rooms and restaurant. Employees have reported items mysteriously moved around, and have reported sightings of ghosts through out the old hotel.
  • Ivy House Inn B&B, Casper

    Ivy House Inn B&B, Casper
    There is a spirit of a man, who sets off the alarms in the parking lot where a house used to be. There is a lady, a former owner , who goes from room to room. Small catlike animals run down the halls and up the stairs from time to time. There are cold spots in the house. Items have eerily moved. The original 1916 house had a traveling cloud in the sitting room, but after it was torn down for parking, any car parked where the sitting room now sounds off when set, usually after 2:30 am and late in the morning. Many pictures in the house with anomalies or vortices have been taken.
  • Natrona County High school, Casper

    Natrona County High school, Casper
    TA junior who attended NCHS in the 1940's rumored to haunt NCHS auditorium. There are many stories of her death-most popular is she was auditioning for a play one night and forgot her bag on stage so she crawled thru a window to get it...not knowing how high it was she fell and broke her back and died. There have been many many experiences. The most eerie is a certain chair in the front row center, which is always down. The chair has been replaced many times, they've changed the springs, anything possible but it always goes down. Its rumored if someone sits in her chair during a performance something goes wrong in the performance. She has been known to lock doors, laugh, and apparitions are seen up on the balcony by the lighting booth.
  • Townsend Hotel, Casper

    Townsend Hotel, Casper
    Many teenagers in Casper have visited the Townsend Hotel as a thrill. But all have said they have heard voices and when going to the higher floors where the coffee house used to be they smell fresh brewed coffee despite the fact that everything has been removed from the Hotel.
  • Wonder Bar, Casper

    Wonder Bar, Casper
    A report of a ghost coming down the stairs which a cleaning lady saw and she had her cat with her that night and its fur stood on end! Noises heard through out the building. Lights in the basement turned on when no one was present.
  • Deming School, Cheyenne

    Deming School, Cheyenne
    A man killed in the furnace room. If you look in the window, you will see one more shadow that is next to yours, and is supposedly the ghost's. This only works at night. Also you will hear clanking if you listen closely and you will see lights flicker in other rooms. The building, which was built in 1945, looks like a German crematory.
  • Francis E. Warren Air Force Base, Cheyenne

    Francis E. Warren Air Force Base, Cheyenne
    This structure was built in the late 1800's. There have been many supernatural events surrounding the area such as cavalry soldiers walking about at night and ghostly activities in the dormitories. The spirit seems to enjoy assaulting many of the females on the security team
  • Old Underground Tunnels, Cheyenne

    Old Underground Tunnels, Cheyenne
    The tunnels were originally built back in the early days of the railroad and where used as a means of travel between the Plains hotel, The train station, and the Heyman building. Its is rumored to stretch as far as the capital building "Approximately 3miles" though know one knows for certain. Those who have been able to access them have reported strange things such as loud footsteps within when everyone in the party is accounted for. The footsteps are described as heavy almost leather boot like steps. Similar to boots that might be worn by railroad workers. It is also said that voices can be heard in the distance when there is no one there. No actual sightings have been reported nor has there been an validation by experts to these claims.
  • Plains Hotel, Cheyenne

    Plains Hotel, Cheyenne
    Several ghosts are seen regularly including one that was murdered by being pushed out of a fourth floor window. Reports of feelings of dread, being watched, doors opening and closing, & even reports of being choked or strangled with the bed sheets.
  • St. Mark's Episcopal Church, Cheyenne

    St. Mark's Episcopal Church, Cheyenne
    The ghost of a man killed during the construction of the bell tower haunts the tower. - February 2007 Correction: There is no report of anyone dying during construction. The story was kept up for fun especially at Halloween when the previous Rector would hold a haunted house complete with a construction worker corpse in a coffin! There is also a tale of the tower being boarded off because of a spirit of a former Rector haunting it. However, the tower is boarded off because it is unsafe, the stairs weak and the floors unstable. St. Mark's is a beautiful church filled with love, light and everything good. Anyone wanting to visit the church should, the congregation will welcome you with open arms.
  • Cedar "Spirit" Mountain, Cody

    Cedar 'Spirit' Mountain, Cody
    Cedar Mountain use to be called Spirit Mountain because people have been lost and never found in the caves that honeycomb this mountain and the surrounding area. The caves were closed to public access except that one can register with the forest service an explore these caves. Even the canyon that runs along side the mountain is considered haunted. People have heard footsteps behind them but when they turn around, no one is there. Also, some of the long time residents claim the mount is occupied by "little people."
  • Coe medical center, Cody

    Two nuns can be seen floating down the halls, and weird noises are reported.
  • Irma Hotel, Cody, Cody

    Irma Hotel, Cody, Cody
    There have been sightings of a soldier dressed in an 1800's style uniform in the main dining hall near the cherry wood bar. Also seen, Irma (Buffalo Bill Cody's daughter)- "The Lady in White" roams the halls of the second floor where the suites and rooms are, as well as an aggressive presence in the kitchen.
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