Haunted Places in Oregon

  • Camp Adair POW hospital, Adair Village

    Camp Adair POW hospital, Adair Village
    Now abandoned and dilapidated, the POW hospital buildings of 1940s Camp Adair housed injured/ill German and Italian POWs during the Second World War. A number of POWs perished before the end of hostilities. Phenomena include EVP recordings of squeaking bedsprings (none are housed in the hospital), footsteps, and an intense sense of being menacingly observed by unseen eyes from within the buildings.
  • Liberty Theater, Astoria

    Liberty Theater, Astoria
    Old movie theater said to be haunted by a woman who is mainly seen in the upstairs women's bathroom, wearing Victorian era clothing. Is usually visible when looking at yourself in the mirror. She likes to stand behind you and look into the mirror as well. But when you turn around, she's gone. Reports from former managers of popcorn being made when they open up, and the soda fountain running. The managers were always the first to arrive and the last to leave. Supposedly a man was murdered in the downstairs bathroom, and another was pushed off the balcony as well. The theater was closed in 1998 for renovation. It is now a performing arts theater.
  • Ye Olde Castle Restaurant, Burns

    Ye Olde Castle Restaurant, Burns
    This restaurant was previously a house in the 1800's. Restaurant employee's have seen and talked about the lady in the blue dress for at least 20 years. Any time the Restaurant is painted or repaired she appears. Mostly she is seen out of the corner of you're eye. She stares at you but when you look directly at her she disappears, although you can still feel her presence. She is kind and motherly. It is thought she is either the friend of the owners. This friend died early of cancer and was very close to the owner and taught her to run the restaurant. In the same token it could also be someone who died when it was a house.
  • Central Point Elementary, Central Point

    Central Point Elementary, Central Point
    Central Point Elementary was rebuilt in 1908 after a fire was the cause of death fro many teachers and students. Stories tell of many different hauntings. A janitor was working the late shift, when he heard what sounded like the laughs of children, but upon turning to investigate, no one was there. He continues walking and hears the laughing again. The janitors employers found his body torched as if it had been set on fire. Another story was also about a janitor, supposedly himself or someone had hung him from the pull rope of the old bell in the tower, Stories of every night at midnight the bell would ring, this was before the timer was installed, when the bell was rang at recess by the sixth graders. Students have heard footsteps behind them while alone in the bathroom.
  • Agaard Road, Gales Creek

    Agaard Road, Gales Creek
    Agaard road is on the right side of highway 6 heading to Tillamook from forest grove. between the times of 2 am and 5 am on most mornings a man named Lazlo in flannel fishing wear can be seen where the creek runs under the road. he fishes and smokes his pipe and doesn't harm anyone. just sits there. across the road his wife Helen waits for him with hands on hips and an annoyed expression on her face. during this time smoke is sometimes seen rising from the house in which the couple used to live. lights can also be seen in the windows. the electricity in the hose has been turned off since the late 90's. Also the apparition of a young boy in blue shorts and a striped t-shirt can be spotted on the highway side bank of the creek. he is blue in the face and has water dripping from him (the water never makes spots on the rocks). he has been named Joey. he is usually seen in the late summer in mid- afternoon by the swimming hole. he whimpers and cries for his "mommy and daddy" sometimes Joey is only heard calling for his parents. when someone tries to follow hi he leads you up the side of the bank and disappears before the highway.
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