Haunted Places in North Dakota

  • Fort Abercrombie, Abercrombie

    Fort Abercrombie, Abercrombie
    ghostly Indians and soldiers have been seen here.
  • Road between Akra and Leroy, Akra/Leroy

    Road between Akra and Leroy, Akra/Leroy
    it's to be said that a lady has been seen with a rope around her neck in a white dress walking across the road. Back in the 1940's it's said that the lady hung herself after getting the message that her husband has been killed by a gunshot at war. She lurks around sometime at 11:00P.M-12:00A.M.
  • Sage Hill Bed and Breakfast, Anamoose

    Sage Hill Bed and Breakfast, Anamoose
    This is now a bed and breakfast, but used to be the first school house in North Dakota, in the early 1800's. It is said that at one time there was a fire started by a coal burning stove in which the Superintendent(who smoked cigars) died in along with a young school boy. When the people that turned the old school into the bed and breakfast begin tearing down things that needed repair things started happening such as objects vanishing and moaning. Lights flickering on and off and a light would turn on in the cellar that when you used the switch to turn it off it would not go off. Also when working one day the smelled cigar smoke, neither of them being smokers went to see what it was. In the cellar there was smoke in the air, cigar smoke coming from a cigar that was still hot. Once they started putting things back things gradually got better. Witnesses report feelings of being watched and there's cold spots and sometimes the hair stands up on the back of your neck.
  • Kelly's bar, Cannonball

    Kelly's bar, Cannonball
    people say there was a man about 6'0" feet tall wearing a black trench coat and had hoofs with a hat on he walked in and said I know you all and walked in the bathroom and around the corner there was a tail slide around the corner even though there is no windows in the cowboys bathroom he never came back out and when someone went in there, no one was in there??
  • Shanley High school, Fargo

    Fort Abercrombie, Abercrombie
    This building was built in 1951 as the parochial high school. There were a few strange happenings. A teacher was working late one night when she heard footsteps in the hall she looked out and saw no one. In the gymnasium an electrician was working on an air-conditioning unit that was located under the bleachers when he happened to look up and he saw a hooded figure float from one wall to another through a solid brick wall on both sides. A young lady was working at night cleaning on the third floor for two nights. And for two nights she saw a girl come out of a closed door in the hall and go right through a picture of Mary on the opposite side. For some reason all of the ghost activity has been seen around the theatre. Soon Shanley high will be torn down in November and turned into apartments.
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