North Carolina

  • Haunted Early Hill Plantation, Greensboro

    Early Hill Plantation, Greensboro
    1580 Lickskillet Rd, Greensboro, the beautiful Early Hill plantation is still there. Behind its elegant look time is recalling repeatedly its own residents. You can find Mayor Brown's little daughter is still swinging from the tree in the front yard at night. At night 1700's built house returned in life. Many people, who visited their bedroom, looked in the mirror. Many of them have a glimpse of a woman. She is the wife of Mayor Brown, who still brushing her hair in front of that mirror. Before many years slaves were kept and tortured and buried in the basement of the haunted house. Their souls still remain in pain there. They still rattle their chains in agony.

  • Old nursing home, Aberdeen

    Old nursing home, Aberdeen
    it's an abandoned nursing home that is closed off by woods. there are time you go in and a chair will move from a room out into the hall way. As you walk down the hall being quiet, you can hear grunts and moaning of older people. the building beside it burned which was where they kept the healthy patients. Everything burnt except the devil signs. If you were to go into the building that still stands to this day you will see needles with dried up blood in them. there is also a sign posted on the wall in front of the desk that says hair cuts on Tuesday and sometimes it says on wed. People have said that they seen bedroom slippers on one of the beds they ran out and when they went back in they seen blood coming out from under the door. The blood stains still remain. People have tried to go and remodel it but something keeps chasing them off.
  • Coats Park, Angier

    Coats Park, Angier
    At the park in Coats. There is this trail. If you walk down this trail, there is some kind of being that chases you. And if you camp there, there is a place that if you put something there such as a tent, and try to sleep your tent will be moved out of the way by morning. Its called " The Devils Stomping Grounds"
  • The Biltmore Estate, Asheville

    The Biltmore Estate, Asheville
    Back in 1914, George W. Vanderbilt died from complications from a surgery he had for appendicitis. His wife was extremely upset. So late at nights, in the Library, she would sit in front of the large marble fireplace, and talk with George. Though he was never really there. Her servants started to think she was losing her mind. To this day late at night you can still hear her voice very softly talking with George. Also, You can feel George's presence in the Billiard Room, and the 2nd floor Oak Sitting room. One of his favorite rooms in the mansion. During rainy late nights, George would sit and read. Workers report feelings of being watched, apparitions, voices, laughing, & screams. A headless orange cat has been seen by numerous visitors roaming the area between the Gardens and the Bass pond. The Pool Room is also a focal point of unexplainable events. The sound of people swimming echoes throughout the entire lower floor in the dead of night. Insane laughter can be heard coming from the drain at the bottom of the pool. It is said to be haunted by a lady in black. Employees report hearing footsteps on the second floor.
  • Guilford College, Guilford College

    Guilford College, Guilford College
    Hobbs House - The Hobbs House is a dorm on the campus of Guilford College, but it used to be a real home. It is said that a long time ago this home belong to the Hobbs and they had a little girl named Mary. Well, one night Mary had a slumber party in the attic (third floor) of her house. After all the girls went to bed some boys decided to play a trick on them. The boys took rocks and wrapped them in paper and then lit them on fire and proceeded to try to throw them into the attic window. The rocks made it into the attic and started a fire. All the girls made it out of the attic in time except for Mary Hobbs. By the time the fire was put out, the third floor of the home was gone and so was Mary. It is said that if you sit in a specific room in the house/dorm you will hear faucets turning on and off and a faint cry from a little girl. You can also hear footsteps going up and down the hallways while she searches for her room.
  • Cherry Point Naval Hospital, Havelock

    Cherry Point Naval Hospital, Havelock
    dark figures, and manifestations of actual people. One in particular is an old lady...very creepy voices. strange vibes. a lot of people see things in reflections, like people walking behind them when nobody is there.
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