Haunted Places in Montana

  • Arlee High School, Girls Locker Room

    Arlee High School, Girls Locker Room
    The Arlee High School has class pictures dating as far back as the 1920's. It is said that a girl during the early years of the High School committed suicide in the shower of the girls' locker room. Several eyewitnesses have heard screams when walking the halls at night, or the sidewalks outside. Many students have also admitted to feeling cold drafts in the water that moves from shower to shower starting from the back to the front. To this day the screams can still be heard.
  • Bannock

    This is a ghost town and the grand hotel has an old woman ghost who haunts there. There is also a house where a lot of babies died in a cholera epidemic and they say you can still here the babies crying every now and then.
  • Antique Depot ( park of old train Depot), Billings

    Antique Depot ( park of old train Depot), Billings
    In the 40's a plan crashed in Billings and there was no were to put the bodies in the funeral home fridge. So they had to put the bodies in the fridge at the old grocery store by the train depot. A WWII solider was one of the people who died in the crash. The old building now is a large 2 story antique store. People say they can see an old WWII solider walking around the store at times, but when they go near him he vanishes right before their eyes.
  • Sheraton Hotel, Billings

    Sheraton Hotel, Billings
    One of the elevators every morning at 2:30 calls the front desk, and when the person at the front desk answers the phone no one is on the other line. The front desk clerk and the security guard look in the elevator and no one had been in it. Finally after this had been going on for many days the front desk clerk decided to call the elevator at 2:30 and someone picked up the phone, but no one was in the elevator.
  • Copper King Mansion, Butte

    Copper King Mansion, Butte
    A small walk from courthouse area, Copper King Mansion is near the corner of West Granite Street and North Montana St. Copper King Mansion is a wonderful and historic place in Butte city of Montana. Visitors there often prefer not to stay there only for the splendid time for the right price, but also some of them want to feel the spook and of course for a touch of Clark family history. The mansion is full with interesting stories about the family.

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