Haunted Places in Michigan

  • Ghostly Bailey House in Lowell, Michigun

    Bailey House in Kentwood, Lowell, Michigun
    Far away from the living utilities Bailey house marked as a place of mystery and haunting stories. According to legends before many days there was a woman who killed her whole family and then hang herself in the basement. In another story three cheerleaders were kidnapped and locked in the basement of this house. They were raped for days after days and starved to death. Their diseased soul still haunts there. People have seen a little girl in the window. Sometimes she screams terribly and then became invisible. Bailey house in Lowell has become one of the most haunted place for ghost hunters in the USA for a long time. Many people who don't believe in ghost visited there, but they had to admit something is really creepy there. All times they sensed of being watched and followed by unseen strong paranormal forces in everywhere inside the house. In a little occurrence a nice smell followed folks in there.

  • Ada Cemetery hauntings | Legends of Ada witch

    Ada Cemetery ghost | Legends of Ada witch
    The Ada witch legend is one of the longest running ghost legends in Michigan. Also the ghost in here is known as "Lady in White". The haunted lady spirit wanders around the area near the Findley cemetery when no one is around. She also has been witnessed by many people in the lonely night between Egypt Valley and Honey Creek.

  • North Adams Rd, Addison

    North Adams Rd, Addison
    A little girl was killed suddenly while waiting for a school bus by a speeding car. Since her death things have happened. The day of her funeral she started knocking on doors of the house she was born in.1 month later as her clothes were to be removed the doors in the home flew open with no reason. Cold spots now can be felt & knocking at the door is still present to this day in the home. Also when there swings in the yard you could see them swing real high as if someone was swinging on them. lights like to go on & off in this home & she does move things to let someone know she is there. The cemetery where this child lies has had alot of activity also. When you visit her grave she has a twirly that will start going around & round with no reason or wind blowing to let you know she is present. Some have said she has been spotted walking the cemetery very restless as if she doesn't realize she has passed on.
  • Ghost Trestle, Adrian

    Ghost Trestle, Adrian
    If you take Gorman Rd. west towards Sand Creek, you will come to a gravel road leading north. A mile or so up this road you will come to narrow one lane trestle bridge. The road goes under this. Legend has it that at one time there was a farm house built near the tracks. Late one night a fire broke out in the barn. While the father ran to the barn to try to get the horses out, his wife and young son went to the tracks to wave down one of the many trains that would use that right of way. They were too close to the tracks however and both were struck by the train as it went past. The father was killed in the barn. Now if you go out there late at night, you can sometimes communicate with the Father. He will not allow you to talk to his wife or son; as if he was protecting them . There are other people living in the area now, and a large streetlight has been placed there by the people who own the neighboring land. If you stay there to long, they will call the police. However if you make your visit short enough they will usually leave you to it. This place has also been described as a good place to go to contact other spirits. The Father can be asked to help in this matter. He will not allow antagonistic spirits to talk however; once again to protect his family.
  • Siena Heights University, Adrian

    Siena Heights University, Adrian
    In the 1970's, one room, room 211, in the old section of the dorms exhibited several phenomena. Don't know if this still continues today. The door into the room from the hallway, as well as the door into the bathroom, would open and shut on their own, the main door even if it had been locked. After closing, it would be locked again. There was also a spot on one wall (a wall that the room shared with a boarded up, no longer used laundry shaft) where two points of light would appear, shaped similar to eyes. Attempts were made to explain their appearance (they were visible any time it was dark in the room). They were screened off from the windows to see if they might be reflections, they weren't. When objects were placed between them and the windows they actually became brighter. We tried painting the walls, putting several coats of paint over them (thinking they may have been a joke of a previous resident, made with glow in the dark paint) - also having used sandpaper on the wall in that spot first before painting. They still appeared bright as ever after the painting. We tried covering them over by hanging a picture over them, but the picture kept falling down or moving. Last attempt to hang picture (it was a drawing on a piece of paper and simply taped to the wall) resulted in us waking up the next morning to find it taped to the ceiling over my bed. We finally moved a tall dresser in front of it and that seemed to take care of it. Reports from later residents told us that they had placed a mirror over it, and they had a rocker in the room. One night during a party, with several witnesses, the rocker began rocking on its own, then flew back and smashed the mirror. Have had no contact with the school since graduation, so don't know if these things still happen or not.
  • Mercywood Hospital, Ann Arbor

    Mercywood Hospital, Ann Arbor
    If you walk along down the road from a cemetery next to I-94, you will find 4038 Jackson Rd., Ann Arbor at the right when heading west. This site is known for its kind of haunting in Washtenaw County. Once there was Mercywood hospital that served in the mental health of Ann Arbor community.

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