Haunted Places in Iowa

  • Gypsy Grave Yard, Algona

    Gypsy Grave Yard, Algona
    Just north of town is a small graveyard with an even smaller graveyard fenced off toward the back. It is said that when the Gypsy wagon trains would pass through town back in the 1800's, and one of their flock was sick and dying, instead of taking them further on the journey and not having Gypsy hollowed ground to bury them in they would just bury them there, while still alive. Many ghostly figures have been seen hanging around, and if you cross the small fence and walk on the hollowed ground you will be cursed. This is a favorite haunt for the local teens.
  • Plum Creek Pits, Algona

    Plum Creek Pits, Algona
    Back in the far corner there has been a little boy said to be playing near the waters edge legend has it that the little boy was running back to the river on the other side of the pits when he tripped on a stone and was stabbed by a stick he had fallen on. The local fisherman who use to fish their say they have seen this boy walking on the bank of the pit when they yelled to him he seemed to have looked up and ran back towards the river and disappear nobody knows what this boys name is or even his age.
  • Holy Cross Cemetary, Anamosa

    Holy Cross Cemetary, Anamosa
    Behind this small graveyard on a hill there is a grouping of trees that will lead you to one big tree. where it is said that many hangings occured. The area with the trees is said to be an old Indian burial ground as is much of Anamosa. Some have seen orbs and shadowey figures.
  • Davis County Middle School and Elementary, Bloomfield

    Davis County Middle School and Elementary, Bloomfield
    If you are in the building at night you can see weird shadows and sometimes hear voices and moaning. Up by the 5th grade there is a corner and if you are up there sometimes you can see a shadow around the corner and hear a moan but if you look around the corner nothing is there. Also in the big storage room aka "bowling alley" you can hear moans and see shadows when nothing is there.
  • George, Clarion

    George, Clarion
    It all started when these two friends that loved to prove people wrong. The story goes that if you go in this house and go up stairs there will be pictures on the floor you are suppose to pick it up and take it home and put it on your chest and go to sleep. When you wake up and it will be gone. you go back to the house and go up stairs and you will see it right where you got it. In the pic is a black figure. He is called George and you shouldn't let him touch you because it is said that after he dose he takes part of you with him. How we know is about this one of the boys got touch and went crazy and is gone for the rest of his life in a asylum and the other still see George even though the house is gone!
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