Haunted Places in Illinois

  • Lincoln Theatre in Decatur, Illinois

    The Lincoln Theatre is one of the most well known haunted houses of America. It was started in 1916 in North Main Street in Downtown Decatur. Before we go to Lincoln theatre's haunted ghost stories its better to know that before 1916 there was a hotel named Priest Hotel, built in 1860 by Franklin Priest. The hotel owned later by different people in different times.

  • Bachelor's grove cemetery

    Bachelor Grove Cemetery is the probably one of the most well known haunted place. It is an old graveyard at the southwest in Chicago. There are so many haunted stories or report about this abandoned Cemetery that make it world's popular haunted place.

  • Spirits of Alton city cemetery

    Alton city cemetery
    Surrounded by limestone walls, a beautiful Alton city cemetery is definitely a grisly haunted place in Illinois. Many people visit daily, especially for the Elijah P. Lovejoy Memorial in there. It's the third oldest cemetery in the state with adequate haunting stories to become easily targeted by ghost hunters.

  • The Milton School , Alton

    The Milton School , Alton
    Built in 1900 and once attended by Robert Wadlow (The Alton Giant), and home to at least three spirits who are very active. This is a must see if in, or near Alton!! Touching, voices, noises, to full bodied apparitions. Psychics claim the spirit of a young student killed by a faculty member, a janitor, and the killer himself.
  • Franklin Blacktop, Amboy

    Franklin Blacktop, Amboy
    - There is a house that sits catty-corner from the 4-H Center, it is reported that in the 1800's a man was murdered in his home and buried 500 feet from the upstairs bathroom window. If you go into the master bedroom upstairs, (known as the warm room) no matter if it is the middle of winter the room feels heated. It is also reported that if you are looking into the lower level of the house from the outside you can see a small light appear from room to room.
  • Antioch Movie Theatre

    Antioch Movie Theatre
    This old theatre has been around since the 40's. It used to be an old theatre house, where plays were held.There has been many stories about the old theatre. Like a girl had hung herself from the balcony, and that Al Copone had tunnels dug undernieth the theatre leading towards Fox Lake. If thoses are true or not employees have reported that flood lights have come on out of nowhere and turned off by themselves. Also reported hearing things after hours like noises, bangs, and people on the stairs. Some employees report having a sence that there is something else in the room, when they are really alone.
  • Leland Tower Hotel, Aurora

    Leland Tower Hotel, Aurora
    Outside of Chicago, The Leland Tower or "The Aurora-Leland Hotel" was the at one point tallest building in Illinois. The Aurora building project was one of the renowned projects from Illinois ever had. Primarily the twenty two story building operated as a hotel but later it used for an Aurora TV station for transmitting their channel. But according to some legends the tower is haunted one.

  • Ghost sightings of Abingdon Middle School

    Abingdon Middle School
    There have been stories of a teacher who hung herself because her kid fell down the stairs on a tricycle. They have heard screaming and yelling and squealing of the tricycle tires. There have been sightings of the woman and child together again. There has also been blood stains found on the walls of every room and above the steps and on the steps of were she hung herself and the child fell down the stairs.

  • Haunted Cemetery(s) in Alsip

    Haunted Cemetery(s) in Alsip
    Alsip was once a huge brickyard for Chicago, as well as a planned cemetery. A really large one, supposedly dubbed The City of Chicago Cemetery. Many of the older houses have pre-dug graves within. Since not all of Alsip was used as a cemetery, the plan was debunked. However, Alsip has Illinois' largest cemetery count. There have been cases of ghosts, poltergeist activity (objects moved around homes), voices, etc. Besides its own graveyards, Alsip also borders several famous ones such as Holy Sepulcher.

  • Mysterious lady of Allerton Mansion

    Allerton Mansion
    There have been reports of a mysterious lady in white. She, according to witnesses and old photos of people that use to go there as guest of Mr. Robert Allerton, is a guest that frequently visited there. She has been seen walking along the pond in the back of the mansion, and in "her" room putting on hats and gloves.

  • Spooky Bartonville Insane Asylum

    Bartonville Asylum
    The Bartonville Insane Asylum has been closed for many years. Patients in the Asylum where given cruel treatments such as water submersion, shock therapy, and many other forms that would be considered inhuman today. Many people who have ventured into the run down Asylum have heard strange noises and have even seen apparitions. It is a 3 story stone building on Fiefer Road. Many of the other buildings used for recreation at the Asylum have been renovated, but the main housing facility still stands and looks the same as it did years ago. There is a graveyard across the street from the Asylum at the end of the road on the left down a long dirt lane. Many of the headstones have only numbers on them because they did not know the names of the patients. Other headstones have names and dates. If you at the dates you will find that someone died at the Asylum every single day.

  • Legend of Blood point Road in Cherry Valley

    Blood point Road
    A ghost car will come out of no where and chase you and run you off the road. Off of blood point road there is Sweeney road where there is a spot to pull over by a stonewall. Over the wall is a field with paths that lead to the woods were red floating orbs have been seen. In the woods is the foundation of church of some kind. No flashlight will work it will turn off one step into the woods. an old farmer will came running through the woods with a shotgun then once outside the woods he disappears. At the end of Sweeney road at the stop sign it turns in to Pool rd. proceed with caution as a phantom black big rig will come out of no where. And on your way out you will be chased by the ghost car until you leave the area.

  • Gruesomely haunted Centralia cemetery

    Centralia cemetery
    It is said in an old cemetery in this town that a young girl was murdered by her father with her very own violin. There is a statue of her where she was buried holding a violin and at night on certain days if you listen closely you can hear her play the instrument. There is a statue of her where she was buried holding a violin and at night on certain days if you listen closely you can hear her play the instrument.

  • Haunted Choate Mental Health and Developmental Center

    Choate Mental Health and Developmental Center
    Reports of apparitions of people running, people standing in the windows as you drive by, also reported a man that walked in the tunnels and felt a hand on his back. It is reported that there are faces in the buildings and the uppers and lowers the cottages are also EXTREMELY haunted by nurses and prior residents. There is also reports of a "devil dog" attacking a resident.

  • The haunted Silo of Barrington

    Haunted silo
    There is a haunted farm house with a silo. The legend is a man went crazy because he thought his wife was cheating on him, so he murdered her and his kids. He killed himself as well. There is also a five-point star located about 20 yards away from where he buried his family. The star has a dead tree at each point of the star. Apparently you can still hear noises and see something moving around in the house late at night. Even if it is 80 degrees outside you can feel a bitter uninviting chill. It is located in Barrington Illinois on shoe factory road.

  • Unexplained mystery of McPike Mansion

    McPike mansion
    The owners have an outside annual Halloween bonfire. The house is extremely creepy looking, the owners are trying to restore the mansion. It is now condemned by the city of Alton, so you cannot go inside the mansion. There is a lot of history and unexplained things that go on here. Presences felt, perfume smelled, apparitions, and strange electrical phenomena. Check out the Main Page of the house.

  • Lavender-lady ghost of Mineral Springs Hotel

    Mineral  spring
    The Lavender-Lady is one about a woman who loved the lavender smell. She had an affair and her husband found out. He chased her down some steps and nobody really knows the rest of the story except that he killed her. There is also a story about the pool area at the basement level. A woman drowned in the pool and it was because of a man.

  • Terrible Munger Road Rail Road Tracks

    Munger Road Rail Road Tracks
    They say if you park your car on the tracks and put it in neutral and put baby powder on the trunk, you will see fingerprints of a boy who got killed on those very tracks. In the past 25 years, there have been two murders near the Illinois , Central and Pacific Railway that runs through the Pratt Wayne Forest Preserve, which is what Munger Road runs through.

  • Haunted Shoe Factory Road of Hoffman Estates

    Haunted Shoe Factory Road of Hoffman Estates
    First driving down the road there is a forest where you can see little children running though the woods mostly around where the lake is it is said that there had been deaths there when Hoffman was a farm town if you go a lot father you can then see a barn on the right side and it is said that seventeen years ago that a man escaped from the psycho ward..

  • Ghost story of Sunrise Park

    Ghost story of Sunrise Park
    There was a man in his mid 40s where he had a house by the trees and was right next to a school. People have weird tingling in there back and when they turn around it gets very hard to breathe. PLUS THERE HAS BEEN SCREMING IN THE WOODS OF THE PARK. Later then his house had to be destroyed because of complaints from the parents. So then he got revenge on the children by killing them every day from the mid 1800s to now. then he would leave the bones in this little area surrounded by wood.. That is why Bartlett is so lightly populated today.

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