Haunted Places in Idaho

  • American Falls, Hospital

    American Falls, Hospital
    The hospital is also a nursing home and many have died there. The night staff has had call buzzers go off in the nursing home; the hospital is so old that the buzzers cannot be reset at the nurses station and have to be reset in the room. The buttons have been pushed in the men?s and ladies restrooms and the patients aren?t able to go and push the button without being moved by staff, in other words they aren?t mobile. Also the doctor for whom the hospital is named visits sometimes and leaves behind a smell of cigar smoke. As well as various elderly residents who appear as a flicker from the corner of your eye or seated in a chair down a long dark hall. There is also a tall man who seems to like to stand near the entryway and monitor that everyone is doing their job.
  • The Brig at Farragut State Park, Athol

    The Brig at Farragut State Park, Athol
    In an unconfirmed story, a German officer was held here for some days. As you can imagine definitely he had not gone under very smooth welcoming treatment. In a hurry of retrieving information he died. His body was made hidden. Also, this place is believed as a site of homicide and at least one suicide took place in there. May be the most reported spirit spent the last days in the jail here. Also objects are found often relocated mysteriously, sounds of the footsteps of disembodied souls have heard many times by those who have spent an adequate time as an employee there.

  • Old cafe, Arco

    Old cafe, Arco
    Sometimes if you walk into the cafe in mid afternoon and find a piece of paper and a pen laying beside each other knock them off of something. Come back about fifteen minutes later and sometimes you will see writing, Write, ?what is my name? hold the piece of paper tightly to your chest and hold the pen out as far as you can in front of you. Chances are it will say your name.
  • Emmett Middle School

    Emmett Middle School
    Some students complained about sounds of unearthly footsteps in the drama room up in the eagles nest, not from the stairs but from the boiler room. The lockers are found open mysteriously as someone just opened it and sleep away from there. Spooky shadowy figures on the stairs have been seen several times. Doors creek often, but no one is there. Surprisingly sometime music emanates from the wall as students reported.

  • Forest Service Building, Grangeville

    Forest Service Building, Grangeville
    There was a very old house on the site where the present day forest service building is. Witnesses heard footsteps, a voice singing, and someone speaking in a foreign language. Also reports of a shadow of something that walked right in front of them. It was darker than the room they were in. 1 witness swears that someone pulled his hair. Rumors that numerous Chinese slave laborers had been killed in the old days of the railroad being put into the area.
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