5 Haunted Places in Hawaii you should dare to go alone

Hawaii has some horrible haunted places all over there. We are investigating each of them and going to list them all here.
  • Haunted Aiea High School

    Aiea High School
    Established in 1961, this is one of the best public, co-educational college preparatory high school of Hawaiʻi. But beside it's notable reputation in their excellence this has another side too. Many claims this school as a one of the haunted schools of Honolulu. According to legends this was built on and old burial ground, which made this ghostly in nature.

  • Spooky Pounder beach, Hauula

    Pounder beach, Hauula
    On the windward side by side of Oahu, beautiful Pounder's Beach is there between the towns of Haula and Laie. A popular spot for Bodyboarding, body surfing, and Skimboarding, especially in winter times. Pounders beach is famous for high surf and pounding waves. Beside the beauty it was haunting legends too. A woman ghost roams at night for her son. Many have encountered her in the night. Her presence makes the beach very scary at night.

  • Babies Cry, Hilo

    Babies Cry, Hilo
    The old hospital site at Kaumana is probably most dangerous haunted places in Hilo town. The hallways of burned down hospital are known for many strange happenings. Eerie crying from dark hallways emanates in the night. Once a gruesome fire accident fatally wounded and caused deaths of many babies and nurses. After that gruesome incident, the souls of unrest children cry every night.

  • 842 Bethel Street , Honolulu

    842 Bethel Street, Honolulu
    According to many paranormal researchers, after leaving mortal body, it's often seems hard to realize for disembodied spirits "it's over". Everything they had in past years, they did, they possessed suddenly become worthless. The truth is their time has ended. It's time to leave and move on to the next (whatever it be). But many of them remain very attached to the material world. They just fall into the cycle of repetition of their routine and don't want to acknowledge the truth. Though Many souls try to help them. But anyone can't help you if you won't help yourself. So many spirits take years to be freed from the attraction of their own world of illusion. Deception of their unfinished work prevails there for long. When the present living world and the same parallel hallucination replication made by unrest souls overlaps, haunting legends created. The building of 842 Bethel Street of Honolulu has the same story to tell.

  • Haunted The Dole Cannery Signature Theaters

    The Dole Cannery Signature Theaters, Honolulu
    Many of you don't know that The Regal Dole Cannery Stadium or Dole Cannery Signature Theaters have its own ghost stories. Not a lot, but before it built the spot was haunted by some children's ghosts. It was built over an ancient Hawaiian Heiau (place of worship and/or human sacrifice). In early 80's a school bus full with children crashed at the same spot of Heiau. After this tragic incident this place was considered as haunted.

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