Haunted Places in Connecticut

  • Hunters Lane, Ansonia

    Hunters Lane, Ansonia
    Only when two of the residents in the house fight the ghost will show her rage. Only a small cat was in the room at the time. A whole dresser fell down onto the bed with on it a television and inside it lots of clothes. Another, which the treadmill turned on by in self. She is older and a white lady. Very nice, but gets angry when people fight.
  • Pine Grove Cemetery, Ansonia

    Pine Grove Cemetery, Ansonia
    Some have reported hearing children playing, smelled roses, heard chains rattling, hot spots where it would be warmer than the rest of the cemetery and on the way out witnesses have seen three figures which seemed to be guarding the gates, and four figures walking toward them.
  • Avon Old Farms School

    Avon Old Farms School
    A little girl, friendly, appears early in the morning (around 3am)in one of the homes attached to the dorm. She often is looking for her mother, or playing in the 2nd floor of the house. She usually appears in the summer time.
  • Bethel High School

    Bethel High School
    There have been sightings of apparitions on the second floor and in the basement. Cold Spots have been experienced in the basement also. There have been numerous suicides associated with the school. At one point the school was called Suicide High
  • Warren Harding High School , Bridgeport

    Warren Harding High School , Bridgeport
    Staff members in Harding High School have noticed an older gentleman running up and down the hallways screaming help. It has been said that in the early 60's a janitor was chased and later killed by a deranged student. The deranged student was never found and some even say that they both haunt the school. Till this day you can still hear and see Mike running as he pleads for his life.
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