Terrible haunted places of Alaska

Alaska is full of haunted locations, either ghostly school or a hotel room, we can tell you dozens of haunted places myths. So, don't be late, check all places if you have ever visited there.
  • Lady ghost of the Clark Middle School

    Clark Middle School, Anchorage
    The old school haunted by an old spirit of a lady ghost. The woman reported to wear white dresses and play instruments in the band room. She just loves to scare others not to harm anyone.

  • Haunted courtyard by Mariott and room no 201

    Courtyard by Marriot, Anchorage – Room no 201
    Room no 201 in Marriot hotel is haunted by a ghost who died there. His body was found after some days. A ghost cat often found walking in the rooms 103 and 107. Also the parking lot and courtyard and near he gazebo is haunted by another spirit named 'Ken'.

  • Diamond Center, Anchorage

    Diamond Center in Anchorage
    This Diamond Center in Anchorage is believed as haunted because it built on a thousand years old burial ground. In lonely places in the mall, like in bathroom or smaller hallways, suddenly people see ghostly apparitions. Old ghosts believed to roam there every time.

  • Hanshew Middle School, Anchorage

    Hanshew Middle School, Anchorage
    In very early morning and late night you can see a young girl, crying for help. The Caretakers and some students who have seen, knows her legends. She is a spirit of a poor girl who died during the construction of the building. She looks very sad often and ask for help.

  • Historic Anchorage Hotel

    Historic Anchorage Hotel
    Sometimes employees hear footsteps in stairs. But they know that when the hotel is empty, nobody can't be there. The old hotel in Anchorage is haunted by many souls. Second floor hall is possessed by a spirit of a young lady. Televisions of room 215 and 217 turns off and on by some uncanny forces, same goes for the water in bathtubs.

  • Downtown Old 4th Ave Movie Theatre, Anchorage

    Downtown Old 4th Ave Movie Theatre, Anchorage
    Some see a lady in the long, double mirrors that are hung up on the wall, between the men's and women's restrooms.

  • The Little Karaoke Place

    The Little Karaoke Place, Anchorage
    The Korean owner of this place was killed by Chinese weightlifters in 1999. The owner's spirit is sometimes seen peeking out the window.

  • Ship Creek

    Ship Creek, Alaska
    Marie has shown several times between the old ANS Hospital and the railroad terminal. She tries to warn others not to linger there because it is not a safe place. Some says not only for native Alaskans, but also she is kind hearted to everyone. But she definitely has shown a great amount of care for those poor who sleep near Ship Creek, even to pull blankets over sleeping people. So, not all ghosts frightful really.

  • UAA Wendy Williamson Theater - Anchorage

    UAA Wendy Williamson Theater - Anchorage
    The Wendy is haunted by several different ghosts, but most distinctly a lady in white, a poltergeist in the light booth, and a man who pushes females down stairs.

  • West High School, Anchorage

    West High School, Anchorage
    It is said that in the basement auditorium and in the area where it links to the Middle School, there are restless creatures that are only semi-human in the area. They take out their anger on a lot of students and young teachers. Rumor has it that West High and its neighborhood were once an elusive, swampy forest area and the creatures hate how their land has become so polluted and contaminated.

  • Arctic Circle Hot Springs Resort, Central

    Arctic Circle Hot Springs Resort, Central, Alaska
    Many people claim to see the ghost of a woman. Things fly off the walls, footsteps can be heard, and more. The ghost likes to roam on the third floor, where the library is.

  • Old Copper Railroad, Chitina

    Old Copper Railroad, Chitina, Alaska
    This was the railroad from Cordova to the Kennicott copper mine. It was closed and covered with dirt. It is now used as a road to access the back areas along the Copper River. There have been sightings of gravestones along the dirt road in the woods, but upon second investigation, they would be gone.

  • Birchwood Saloon, Chugiak

    Birchwood Saloon, Chugiak, Alaska
    A young man was shoveling snow from the roof of an adjacent building, when his shovel contacted a power line, electrocuting him. Bartenders and patrons have since heard voices, and a juke box playing on its own. They have seen apparitions, items being moved, etc. They believe the spirit of the deceased man continues to inhabit the place.

  • South Birchwood - Badarka Road In The Woods, Chugiak

    South Birchwood - Badarka Road In The Woods,
    It is said that deep in the woods, about half way down the road, there is a place where a 5 year old girl was killed. Legend has it that the girl was helping her father chop wood for the fireplace in their small cabin, where her mother and little brother were waiting.

  • Circle Hot Springs

    Circle Hot Springs, Alaska
    Haunted by a former owner, the ghost does not like renovations. Beers often move across the bar on their own. Footsteps are heard walking across the porch of the rental cabins.

  • Mile 8-12 Chena Hot Springs Road, Fairbanks

    Mile 8-12 Chena Hot Springs Road, Fairbanks
    This road is haunted by ghostly lights. Late at night, two lights that resemble headlights follows passing cars. Sometimes, it will start to fly and form one bright light. Other times, it will look like a fast moving car or truck with bright blue, white and orange colored lights.

  • Angels in Fairbanks Memorial Hospital, Alaska

    Fairbanks Memorial Hospital, Alaska
    Nurses have seen and experienced, "angels" in the back room when a baby is dying in the nursery. The temperature in the room drops to 60 degrees, and they experience cold chills. Also, babies can be heard in the room, when there are none.

  • Chena Hot Springs road, Fairbanks

    Chena Hot Springs road, Fairbanks
    As you first start to drive down this road, to your left is Birch Hill. Numerous people have seen what looks like glowing balls in the sky, that cast streaks of bright light everywhere. It has only been seen during the winter months at around 7PM or later.

  • Northern Lights Hotel, Fairbanks

    Northern Lights Hotel, Fairbanks
    A little girl died on the third floor of this abandoned building. After that, the hotel closed off that part of the building. The front desk has reported getting phone calls from the third floor, Room #303. A little girl on the phone says she's looking for her mother and then hangs up. No one was on the third floor when the call was made.

  • Gakona Lodge and Trading Post

    Northern Lights Hotel, Fairbanks
    Footsteps and voices are heard, as well as the smell of tobacco smoke.

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