More than 500 Haunted Places of America will shock you

  • Waverly Hills Sanatorium

    Waverly Hills Sanatorium
    Ghost child with balls, 'body chut' or death tunnel, removing ribs, opening the chest for treatment. Old lady ghost at the entrance, ghosts of two ladies in the room 502 and so many scariest stories

  • Lincoln Theatre in Decatur, Illinois

    The Lincoln Theatre is one of the most well known haunted houses of America. It was started in 1916 in North Main Street in Downtown Decatur. Before we go to Lincoln theatre's haunted ghost stories its better to know that before 1916 there was a hotel named Priest Hotel, built in 1860 by Franklin Priest. The hotel owned later by different people in different times.

  • Bachelor's grove cemetery

    Bachelor Grove Cemetery is the probably one of the most well known haunted place. It is an old graveyard at the southwest in Chicago. There are so many haunted stories or report about this abandoned Cemetery that make it world's popular haunted place.

  • Hotel Chelsea Haunted Stories

    Chelsea Hotel New York
    "Chelsea Hotel" or "the Chelsea" is one of the most haunted place in New York. Once the favourite hotbed for many famous celebrities for having some "U la la" time, the hotel was started to build in 1883 and opened in the next year. Chelsea hotel had a long bohemian history over its age. Despite of its popularity it faced financial issues and closed and reopened for several times. It handed over many times in its history over 130 years.

  • Ghostly Bailey House in Lowell, Michigun

    Bailey House in Kentwood, Lowell, Michigun
    Far away from the living utilities Bailey house marked as a place of mystery and haunting stories. According to legends before many days there was a woman who killed her whole family and then hang herself in the basement. In another story three cheerleaders were kidnapped and locked in the basement of this house. They were raped for days after days and starved to death. Their diseased soul still haunts there. People have seen a little girl in the window. Sometimes she screams terribly and then became invisible. Bailey house in Lowell has become one of the most haunted place for ghost hunters in the USA for a long time. Many people who don't believe in ghost visited there, but they had to admit something is really creepy there. All times they sensed of being watched and followed by unseen strong paranormal forces in everywhere inside the house. In a little occurrence a nice smell followed folks in there.

  • Ghost Sheriff of Cater House Estates Madison, Ohio

    Cater House Madison Estates, Ohio
    This is an old creepy house. In the daytime it looks general abandoned house. But in night it becomes haunted. Ghostly voices and whispering come out from the house. Local people heard laughing and the sound of gunshot from this house. Donald Cater was the owner of the Cater house. He was the local Sheriff at the time. Once he shot himself and committed suicide. After that house was closed in 1968 and haunting incidents began. People said former Sheriff said something to those who passed beside the house. In 2013 the house was completely demolished finally.

  • Unsolved Mystery of Oliver Family Mansion

    Oliver family mansion, Chester, Pennsylvania
    Once the Oliver family lived here for long times. But in 1898, on a night, suddenly the Oliver family completely disappeared without leaving any trace behind. Local folks haven't noticed them leaving the village. When they searched for the family members nobody was found. This incident remains unresolved till date. Why and Where they disappeared, probably is going to remain foggy forever. But villagers believe they didn't leave, in fact. The family members are still breathing in the house. Not in material form, but their spirits haunting in the abandoned mansion. Sometimes they stare towards the strangers from the hanging windows. Most Possibly they wish to stay silent there being unnoticed. Visitors sensed of being watched by vivid unearthly existences all time. Dark walls and other cold places inside the grisly house make you feel something pretty nightmarish presence on your neck.

  • Hauntings and Tortures of Lalaurie Mansion

    Lalaurie mansion, 1140 Royal Street
    Madame Delphine bought property with his third husband Leonard Louis Nicolas LaLaurie. Then they built this three storey mansion in 1832. It had slave quarters attached with this mansion. She became famous as the most attractive, intelligent and beautiful woman.In another side she was a sadist woman who made intolerable pain for dozens of slaves in her house. Her cook was chained to the fireplace in the kitchen. Others had experienced lots more pain from the cook. Neighbors started suspect about something is abnormal in the house. Some servants started disappearing without any reason. People became curious about Delphine's activities inside her house. Almost every day they heard crying, screaming from the house. One day a neighbor saw Madame Lalaurie chasing an innocent little girl with a whip. The girl ran to the roof and then jumped to her death. Later she was buried beneath the cypress trees in the yard.

  • East Cleveland, Ohio, House of Horrors

    House of Serial Anthony Sowell
    In October 2009, suddenly people of Ohio shocked with the news of eleven women's bodies those were found in 12205 Imperial Avenue, Cleveland. A notorious face came in front of them later labeled as Cleveland Strangler. His original name was Anthony Edward Sowell, an insane, dangerous rapist and murderers in the criminal history. Anthony Sowell started his raping habits on her little niece. The serial killer hid eleven women's bodies from 25 to 47 after rape and murder them all. Sowell became a traumatic illusion for the society.

  • J. D. Holman House, Ozark, Alabama

    J. D. Holman House, Ozark, Alabama
    Almost a 100 year old house built by Jesse DeCosta Holman in 1912. Once the house was filled with mystery of dark magic. Baby was put in to rain, as believed he would get a long and healthy life, etc. The haunting there was not known for a long year. But at the time of restoration on the premises, they encountered many creepy things there. They heard paranormal footsteps and voices. Some invisible people whispering in themselves and many more.

  • Kate Shepard House Bed and Breakfast Ghost Rumor

    Kate Shepard House Bed and Breakfast
    The Kate Shepard House Bed and Breakfast is a hotel in 1552 Monterey Place, Alabama. A few people told about some ghostly incidents there. But many believed this as only a rumor. Those who told this as a haunted hotel they claimed to see a spirit of an elderly woman. She haunts almost every room in the hotel. Also some stuff also admitted they felt something supernatural and spooky presence sometimes.

  • Haunted Early Hill Plantation, Greensboro

    Early Hill Plantation, Greensboro
    1580 Lickskillet Rd, Greensboro, the beautiful Early Hill plantation is still there. Behind its elegant look time is recalling repeatedly its own residents. You can find Mayor Brown's little daughter is still swinging from the tree in the front yard at night. At night 1700's built house returned in life. Many people, who visited their bedroom, looked in the mirror. Many of them have a glimpse of a woman. She is the wife of Mayor Brown, who still brushing her hair in front of that mirror. Before many years slaves were kept and tortured and buried in the basement of the haunted house. Their souls still remain in pain there. They still rattle their chains in agony.

  • CEPA Building Haunted, Pell City, Alabama

    Pell City Center for Education and Performing Arts
    The Pell City Center for Education and Performing Arts is also believed as haunted too. Many students and performers claimed to hear crying of a little girl. There are many times when they rehearse their play, needed to stop for the fear of the paranormal crying. Not only the girl, many students often stand or go alone in there for a shadowy ghost. That spirit roams there. According to legend, he was hung by accidentally at the time of play or any other type of event. People they complain about the shadowy apparition for cutting light or messing up everything at the time of play.

  • Haunted Victoria Inn in Anniston, Alabama

    Haunted Victoria Inn in Anniston, Alabama
    The Victoria Inn is one of the best place in Anniston to stay. Built in 1888 by John McKleroy, the partner of the Anniston Land Company. His family lived there for 25 years. In 1920's president of the Emory Foundry Company, Mr William Coleman Wilson bought this house from William McKleroy's widow. From them in 1949, Kirby family owned this. Mrs. Kirby entertained guests in what is now know as the Victoria Lounge. After their death, this was remained in trust of their sister and in 1984, a realtor company South Carolina developer bought it from them and turned the mansion in the inn. This place especially the restaurant is believed as haunted one.

  • Haunted Sweetwater Mansion in Florence, Alabama

    Haunted Sweetwater Mansion in Florence, Alabama
    Sweetwater Mansion was designed by General John Brahan. He was a veteran of the War of 1912. He owned more than 4000 acres of land in Alabama. Robert M. Patton, Brahan's son-in-law completed and occupied it in 1835. As the mansion built on the site of Sweetwater Creek, this is known as Sweetwater mansion. The basement served as a Civil War hospital and also it was a jail for some period.

  • Dead Children's Playground in Huntsville, Alabama

    Dead Children's Playground in Huntsville, Alabama
    With the darkness the oldest and largest cemetery of Alabama becomes terrible haunted by the ghost children. They laugh, play and move everywhere inside the Maple Hill Cemetery. Mostly between 10 p.m. to 3 a.m., they rise from their graves. Alabama Paranormal Association captured photos, videos and their voice recordings in the graveyard. The places of Huntsville have reported for so many ghost encounters. Swing moves by invisible presences as someone is sitting on it. When it stops, then people can see someone invisible have jumped on it and the swing again started to move by those bodies spirits.

  • Story of Oakleigh mansion ghost

    Oakleigh mansion in mobile, Alabama
    James W. Roper, a brick mason from Virginia built an Oakleigh mansion at Mobile, AL in 1833. This is one of the largest T shaped home in Alabama. Ghost stories in the house are quite interesting. Elizabeth Parker wrote about its ghost hauntings in her book "Mobile GHOSTS: Alabama's Haunted Port City." In the story a little boy refused to go to the second parlour. He told about a ghost woman in the first parlour. That spirit is described by the boy as a happy spirit who loved to stay there. In another side second floor is filled with cold and uncanny energy so he didn't want to go there.

  • The Haunting at Sloss Furnace

    Ghostly Sloss Furnaces in Birmingham, Alabama
    Sloss Furnaces, Birmingham is pig iron-producing blast furnaces that is designated National Historic Landmark. Over time it has earned a bad reputation, as being one of the most haunted locations in Alabama, along with, being listed as one of the top 100 places in the world for witnessing paranormal activity. As per Legend, this historic facility is haunted by workers who died gruesomely on the job, but the question is, are these stories true? You should read the full story for sure.

  • Gaineswood Mansion, Evelyn Carter's Ghost

    Gaineswood Plantation in Demopolis, Alabama
    This is the story of a spirit of young female housekeeper, named Evelyn Carter. She spent his last days in there, Gaineswood Mansion of Demopolis. This property was started to build by George Strother Gaines. He was famous for the meeting with "greatest of all Choctaw chiefs" Pushmataha. General Nathan Bryan Whitfield purchased the 480 acre property in 1842. As the traditional southern mansions, in 1856 this was completed with gardens, Iron fences, stables, and slave quarters.

  • Red Woman of Pratt Hall in Huntingdon College

    Red lady Ghost in Huntingdon College
    One of the famous ghost of Alabama strolls in the Pratt hall dormitory of Huntingdon college in Montgomery. The ghost is known popularly "The Red Woman". Her story is written also in the famous book "13 Alabama Ghosts and Jeffrey" by Kathryn Tucker Windham.

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