Top Haunted Places in Kolkata that can give you a chill

  • National Library Kolkata

    Kolkata National Library
    The well known National library of Kolkata is one of the known haunted houses of Kolkata. It was the residence of former Lieutenant Governor of Bengal. According to local folks Governor's wife can still be heard.

  • Hastings House-The Royal Calcutta Turf Club

    Kolkata Hastings House Haunted
    Hastings house is the old residence of Governor general of India, believed as a haunted house too. It is said the spirit of Warren Hastings still haunts on specific nights for his belongings.

  • South Park Street Cemetery

    South Park Street Cemetery, Kolkata
    The old cemetery of Kolkata constructed in the year of 1767. Mostly having graves of British officers, it's a nice and chilling place to explore even in daytime. An eerie, cold atmosphere prevails there other times. But no such ghost sighting reported that can be believed without doubt. But in another sense ghost lover may visit the place. In the middle area there sounds becomes vanished from outside crowded world. You may feel yourself detached from the outside world.
  • Rabindra Sarovar Metro Station

    Rabindra Sarobar metro station
    Regular metro rail passengers know very well how these stations are going to be suicides spots each day. The Rabindra Sarobar metro station is also similar like that. But more than other stations it has haunted reputations. Specially some passengers of the last train at night complained to see shadowy figures, sudden disappearance of someone in front of their eyes, moaning of children etc.
  • Doll House of Kolkata (Putulbari)

    Doll House Kolkata
    Like Babus from old days culture, Putulbari or Doll house of Sovabazar carries the history of a rotten era of Bengali culture. In this house once those babies bought and kidnapped young women for their lust. Now, despite of it's rag-tag condition, it still have some stories to tell. In the upper storeys those haunted souls of young girls still roam at night, according to local belief. But though it has some residents there, they don't believe on anything ghostly presence at any cost. So if you want to go for an adventure there, you may disturb themselves.
  • Writer’s Building

    Writer's Building, Kolkata
    Now the most ridiculous information about Kolkata ghosts. Before 2011, West Bengal was ruled from Writer's Building. In company era, this was actually a mess of new British writers and clerks. Interesting fact is that, some of its rooms, especially on the third floor are haunted. Employees run from there before sunset almost every day. Some of the young writers ghost still believed working there every night.
  • The Lower Circular Road Cemetery

    Lower Circular road cemetery, Kolkata
    An interesting story of a British soldier named Sir William Hay MacNaghten, goes with that. He died in the first Anglo-Afghan War. His wife assembled herself his sliced body, returned Kolkata and buried here. Anyone who tells his story, the big tree above his grave starts shivering.
  • Wipro office in Salt Lake

    Wipro, Salt Lake, Kolkata
    Wipro campus of Salt Lake Sec V is believed to be built on an old graveyard. many employees of night shift have complained about encountering ghostly figures and spooky experiences. Many people there believed it.