Do you know these places in Hyderabad is really HAUNTED?

  • Disturbance of Ghost soldiers in Ramoji Film City

    Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad
    Local legends that Ramoji film city is built on a haunted land. Nizams faught war there. Dead soldiers wanders the film city. A lots of haunting stories like seeing spirits, finding dresses torn, injured by knives in times of film shoot. light men pushed by phantom beigns when they on the top with light.

  • Mystery of Kundanbagh witches, Hyderabad

    Kundanbagh witch, Hyderabad
    A thief entered on the second floor of a house in Kundanbagh at night. Then what he saw that made a thief to call the police. Three women dead bodies lying on the bed. Mother and her two daughters. Police report says those decomposed corpses are at least 6 months old. But neighbours seen them almost daily. The family practiced black magic and usually wear black dresses. At midnight those witches walk around their home with a candle in their hands. Every day they used to carry their garbages in a car. But surprisingly, they lived without any electricity. Once the mother named 'Jayaprada', tried to attack with an axe towards local people. That incident of 2002 still remains as the unresolved mystery of Hyderabad.
  • Cursed Rabindranagar of Sitaphalmandi

    Curse in Rabindranagar of Sitaphalmandi, Hyderabad
    Once a template was destroyed in Rabindra Nagar colony in Hyderabad. After that due to some circumstances, people start to believe the area was cursed. In 2012 many inhabitants committed suicides there. An eerie sensation was felt everywhere in this area of Sitaphalmandi. All houses were guarded by religious flags and 'Jai Shree Ram' writings on the walls. Young guys started to guard at night to protect people from committing suicide. A very strong depressive energy filled there for a long time.
  • Graveyard at road no 12 in Banjara Hills

    Graveyard at road no 12 in Banjara Hills
    In an area like Banjara hills there is an extremely spooky place. One graveyard on the road no 12. People say the streetlights switched off without any reason. many car drivers become very conscious when passing on the road. They often suffer from puncturing their cars without any reason. All time you will feel as being watched by some others, who are unseen. Sudden fall in temperature also fallen several times.
  • Ghostly apparition in Uppal Stadiumm, Hyderabad

    Ghostly apparition in Uppal Stadiumm, Hyderabad
    A Cricket match in India, teams, fans, excitement, stadium and its ghost. What is this? I's true about Uppal Stadium. in 2005 some spectators claimed to see a shadowy figure in dimly lit corridors. in other matches also stadium officials reported about ghostly apparitions in Uppal Stadium.
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