Most Haunted Places in Tamilnadu for ghost lovers

  • Spirits of Karikattu Kuppam

    Karikattu Kuppam, Chennai
    2004 Tsunami took eveything from this coastal area. What's left is deaths, and wandering souls. The spirit of an old man and a girl seen very often there. Everywhere their strong presence makes it strange all time. Definitely not for the faint hearts.
  • Ghost of the student in Madras Christian College

    Madras Christian College
    A student committed suicide in at Herber’s Hall after being refused by the girl whom he wanted. After his death number of spooky things started. Sometimes window glass breaks by their own, other times someone throws utensils. Students believes the spirit of that poor guy haunts there every time.
  • Haunted souls of Blue cross road

    Blue cross road, Chennai
    Lots of green lushes with the most suicide spot of Chennai!!! Enough to rise chills for ghost encounter. Blue Cross Road is one of the most ghostly road of India. Better not to pass there alone.
  • Paranormal feelings of Theosophical Society Chennai

    Theosophical Society Chennai
    Near the Banyan tree in the premises of the Theosophical Society of Chennai, people believed the area as extremely haunted. Sudden screaming and laughing makes everything frozen in fear. Eerie sensation and just have seen several times.
  • Extremely haunted Demonte Colony, Chennai

    Demonte Colony, Chennai
    Famous haunted place of Chennai, the colony was built by John De Monte, located near St. Mary’s Road. Complete colony is known as haunted. Some pets and security guards got missing as claimed. Similar abandoned houses, spooky branches of trees, loneliness in the air, everything makes it super haunted.
  • Beware of spirits at Broken bridge

    Broken bridge, Chennai
    Especially for haunted movies, many directors shot here. he half surviving bridge not only for movies, but also malignant spirits haunted at night. So think before you dare!!!
  • Eerie Besant avenue road

    Besant avenue road, Chennai
    This road haunted by some invisible evil spirits, who tortures people who pass the road even in daytime too. They throw them or slaps sometimes.
  • Paranormal girl at Two Lane East coast road

    Two Lane East coast road, Chennai
    The sudden appearance of a ghost girl in dark night makes the entire life's traumatic of those drivers, who drove in the lane at night. According to local folks the girl died in an accident here before a long time. To avenge her death, she scares drivers in the night.
  • Owner's daughter haunting at Valmiki nagar

    Valmiki Nagar, Chennai
    A haunted house vacant for last 10 years. The houses is believed as possessed by the owner's daughter. Who died before a long ago. Many people came here in rent, but none of them managed to stay there for a month. At very night the spirit of the girl starts screaming, mobile signal losses in the house surprisingly. Real scary haunted house as reported.
  • Haunted Anna Flyover

    Anna flyover, Chennai
    This haunted place of Chennai is known for ghost-sightings and strange noises. It’s also one of Chennai’s well known suicide points. Hence it’s not a surprise to hear stories about paranormal activities at this particular place. Interestingly, these paranormal activities are active both during the silent hours of night as well as in the day time. Strange sounds and ghost activities have been felt by people at the later hours of the night.