91 Most Haunted Places in India

  • Mystery of Malcha Mahal in Delhi

    Mystery of Malcha Mahal
    Malcha Mahal is the large hunting lodge built by Feroz Shah Tughlaq in the 14th century. Just next to the Delhi Metro station and also known as Bistdari Mahal. After 1947 it became natioonal property but But Princess Wilayat Mahal continued legal fight for this. WHen she managed to wn again this property, she started a separated life from outer world with her son Prince Riaz and Princess Sakina and their dog. People rumoured about them a lot. On December 10, 1993 Begum Wilayat Mahal committed suicide. After her death, her two children couldn't bury her. The begum's body was placed on the study desk for 10 days. In the meantime, her children slept with her dead body too. Her daughter princess Sakina started wearing only black after Begum's death. On June 24th, 1994, anti-social attacked that place for imaginary treasure. They dug Begum Wilayat Mahal 's grave too. After that, the sibling dug begum's grave and burned their mother's body. Probably to save her body from being vandalized anymore.

  • Phantom Student of Sinhagad Engineering college

    Sinhagad college of Pune
    Did you remember the song, 'Give Me Some Sunshine, Give Me Some Rain, Give Me Another Chance I Wanna Grow Up Once Again'. In the movie a student in Engineering college wrote 'I quit' and left the world and never returned. In the Sinhagad college of Pune a similar story is there. In so much mental stress the boy committed suicide in the college. But after his death, he returned in the college premises. Students know in night the bereaved souls strolls in the campus.

  • Hastings House-The Royal Calcutta Turf Club

    Kolkata Hastings House Haunted
    Hastings house is the old residence of Governor general of India, believed as a haunted house too. It is said the spirit of Warren Hastings still haunts on specific nights for his belongings.

  • Haunted Forts of Bhangarh Rajasthan

    Bhangarh haunted
    Probably this is the India's scariest haunted places. Indian Govt acknowledged this as haunted place and warned people not to stay here after sunset. A tremendous adventurous spot for ghost lovers.

  • Ghost bride of Marve and Madh Island road

    Marve & Madh Island Road
    Marve & Malad Road is haunted by a ghost bride. According to local folks who died on that road. At very night people see her apparition weeping and running on the road. Generally, drivers who pass the road at night should be alerted all-time while passing there.

  • Ghostly Sinhagad fort of Pune

    Haunted Sinhagad fort in Pune
    Sinhagad fort (Lion's fort) in 30 Kms southwest in Pune. There are many ghost rumours with the forts. The U turn beside the valley is very spooky. In night ghost apparitions terrifies people. Sometimes the spirits of soldiers haunt in the fort. Phantoms children who died in the bus accidents laments, laugh and screams in dark night.

  • Ghostly apparitions in Delhi Mutiny House

    Mutiny House Delhi
    The gothic style memorial in front of Old Telegraph Building, Kashmiri Gate is known as Mutiny Memorial. Later it was renamed in 1972 as 'Ajitgarh'. This is dedicated to the official who died in the Indian mutiny in 1857. There are some rumours later, many dead bodies of British officials have found from the memorial. Dead officers' heads were separated from their bodies. Also, some people believed there tragedy repeats there in the form of some ghostly shadows sometime. It becomes spooky with those haunted souls.

  • Haunted Dumas beach Gujarat

    Dumas beach haunted, Surat
    It is reported that at the time walking alone on the beach upon the black sand or walking in the night, some eerie feelings and sound of whispering heard. Generally local people avoid walking over beach at night. Sometimes it is heard that someone telling for not to go further with a horrible sense toward those who were walking at night on the beach.

  • Lothian Cemetery: last recalls of haunted past

    The oldest burial ground in Delhi. Presently reminding it's past history. This spooky places is reported for, full of ghosts and their haunts. According to an unconfirmed story this was a burial ground for royal Muslims. At the time of Sepoy mutiny in 1857, British soldiers dug all graveyards to bury their dead colleagues. This shameful act made awake those souls who lay there for a long time. In an another story where a young British soldier, name Nicholas fell in love with an Indian girl. But she refused him. With an intolerable pain he blew his own head. For many years his headless spirit roamed in dark night for his lover. That eerie story made Lothian cemetery ghostly for a long time.

  • Spooky house in W block of greater Kailash

    W block of Greater Kailash
    A house in the W block of Greater Kailash – 1. Before many years, An old couple murdered by their yoga teacher. People found their decomposed bodies after someday. They're ghost still believed to stay there. They don't allow others to enter their property. In very night neighbours hear weeping of some lady from there. Who went there, felt a sensation of being watch all times.

  • Jamali Kamali Tomb & Mosque Mehrauli, not after evening

    The Jamali Kamali Tomb & Mosque, Mehrauli
    Delhi is a city of Mughal era monuments' as we all know. However about 480 – 510 meters away from Qutub Minar's gate there is another Archaeological site that very few people know about. This is Jamali Kamali Tomb and Mosque built in 1528-29, is located in Archaeological Park Mehrauli village Delhi. The place name comes from after the two persons Jamali and Kamali, who was buried in 1535. The monuments located alongside, one is Mosque and other is a tomb. Day by day this place becoming a haunted location. The stories were created by the visitors, having such unnatural phenomenon's existence is linked. They also say that you can hear some kind of scary noises and feeling once you entered the tomb. The Jamali Kamali Tomb and Mosque are unsafe at night. This is a very old mosque and tomb, which was left abandoned. The Jamali Kamali Mosque and Tomb are ready for people visits to 10 AM till 6 AM evening. Visitors are free to visit the scary monument on all week days.

  • Disturbance of Ghost soldiers in Ramoji Film City

    Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad
    Local legends that Ramoji film city is built on a haunted land. Nizams faught war there. Dead soldiers wanders the film city. A lots of haunting stories like seeing spirits, finding dresses torn, injured by knives in times of film shoot. light men pushed by phantom beigns when they on the top with light.

  • Threats from ghost in Bombay high court room

    Bombay High Court, Mumbai
    Ghost in court? Court name is Bombay High Court? Is it possible? Really, it sounds so funny. But maybe it's just a rumour, but many people who worked in Bombay high court said that a court room have experienced some disturbances by ghost for last 30 years. It is heard that some paranormal presence suddenly curses and terrify people there. People heard some ghastly voice that is threatening accused not to enter into the room. Especially in murder cases. Sometimes he threatens murder crime suspects not to enter in his courtroom. Probably he knows the truth, isn't?

  • Haunted girl of Pawan Hans quarters

    Ghost of Pawan Hans quarters
    Pawan Hans quarters located close to Juhu aerodrome. It's a story before some years. A young man was returning to his newly rented house in very night. Suddenly he made a frightful screaming and became senseless. Within few seconds local people who heard his screams searched there and found him. He was just unconscious. One man gave him milk in a glass. They all guessed what happened. Though asked that guy when he became little more easy. Click read more to read complete story.

  • Dead brother's screams in D'Mello House, Santemol

    D'Mello's house in Santemol
    The D'Mello's house is known for a ghost who killed by his own brother before some years. After his death the spirit haunts there. People in the area hear his screams and sound of arguments at night. Sometimes he breaks windows or throws something.

  • Lament of the ghost architect of Hotel Taj

    Hotel Taj, Colaba
    The famous Taj Mahal hotel or hotel Taj. Undoubtedly one of the best hotels in Asia. After 26/11 terror attack, it came back again in its best within one year. An attraction for rich visitors in Mumbai is also rumoured as haunted by a roaming spirit of an architect. Many guests and hotel employees have noticed and reported about a ghostly apparition in the dimly lit corridors. The phantasmal presence usually seen checking something. Probably for if everything is in order. The ghost seems as thoughtful and having affection for every part of the hotel.

  • Spooky experience at Borim Bridge in Goa

    Haunted Borim Bridge, Goa
    Borim bridge in Goa has stories regarding an eerie lady ghost. Probably it is a ghost of a mad one. Sometimes she runs on the bridge and sometimes jumped into the river from there. Those who stop there to enquire what happened faces more trouble sightings with her.

  • Haunted Brijraj palace bhaban, Kota

    Haunted Brijraj Bhavan Kota
    Ghost of Major Charles Burton haunts in the palace. The ghost just slaps as punishment.

  • Gloomy ambience of Karbala Graveyard, BK Dutt Colony

    Karbala Graveyard, BK Dutt Colony
    Karbala is a Shiite burial ground in the BK Dutt Colony for the funeral of tazias, the ritual coffins of Imam Hussain Ibn Ali (the prophet's grandson). If you look carefully, you'll be able to clearly see the auspicious material (or whatever remains of them now) used to perform the rituals on or near a couple of graves. There is an eerie and gloomy ambiance about this place, marked by cries and a certain loneliness which may get to you especially if visited during the evenings. Some ghostly presence of spirits reported from the Karbala Graveyard in BK Dutt colony of Delhi. Though there don't have very strong supporting claims. But some people feared after evening. They felt some eerie sensation and felt they were being watched all time there. Some of them claimed always someone was walking behind them.

  • State highway near Bhubaneswar

    State highway
    The state highway near Bhubaneswar, is known as haunted by a ghost of a lady witch. She died on the road by accident. At night her spirit often makes her visible and ask for a lift. If anyone stops the car, she disappears. If they don't stop, it makes creepy laugh that makes them almost senseless in fear.
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