We found a lot of haunted locations in Maharashtra, We are continuously adding new haunted place here. Read all ghost places of Maharashtra.
  • D’Souza Chawl in Mahim, Mumbai

    D'Souza Chawl, Mumbai, another haunted place in India
    There is an another harmless Ghost in D'Souza Chawl in Mahim, Mumbai. A Chawl is a building up to 4-5 floors. D'Souza Chawl has a well inside its compound. The well was not having a boundary around it. One woman while getting water from that the soil around the well collapsed in too well with the lady and she died. It is repeated many times people saw the apparition of the unfortunate lady wanders around the well at late night and disappears before the dawn. "The lady of the well" did not harm anyone but though people are advised not to go towards the wall at night. Other than the ghost lady in white saree, many people mostly those are new to the D'Souza Chawl in Mumbai, have a sighting of a phantom night guard beside a fig tree near the haunted well. Mumbai is a city in India where out numbers of people come daily for their profession. Many new people come to Mumbai as well as this Chawl. It is unknown about the reason why the new comers see that perennial man beside the tree at night. Local people also support this incident but couldn't remember about any such guard from their memory.

  • Ghost of Haunted Vrindavan Society, Thane

    Vrindaban Society in Thane
    Paranormal activities of the Vrindavan Society started after the suicide of a middle aged man in building no. 66B. The man jumped outside from the balcony and committed suicide. After that lots of abnormal weird things felt in the society. Many people in the society and the Guards patrolling on night complained several times about paranormal feelings.

  • Ghost of young prince in Shaniwarwada Fort, Pune

    Shaniwar wada pune Haunted story
    On the night of every new moon a fort in India becomes a place of horror. Where local people often hear a sound "Uncle Save me" from the Fort in the new moon night. Where the spirit till now utters its last words of mortal life. This is The Shaniwarwada Fort in Pune.

  • Ghost Lady of Sanjay Gandhi National Park

    Sanjay Gandhi National Park Haunted
    Sanjay Gandhi National park in northern Mumbai is another most eerie place. According to jungle legend the forest is haunted by a chudel(lady ghost). Here we find an almost similar story of Delhi Cantt road ghost. At dark night she appears beside running cars and ask for a lift. Many drivers know her story, so they just run more speed and want a way out as fast they can. In that situation the frightful lady spirit gives a horrible laugh that can make nervous all beating hearts. Most probably she often tries to distract drivers that lead heavy accidents there.

  • Aarey Milk Colony Haunted Mumbai

    Aarey Milk Colony
    The Aarey Milk Colony road is very haunted in the night. A ghost lady weeps there, if drivers stop, she became violent and show her face, so many injuries are there, she runs towards them. Sometimes runs with cars and screams to make them nervous. If she gets a ride slaps and disappear. Sometimes people feel her beside them but don't see anything. Employees of Wipro near there avoids the road at night. Many of them faced her danger and became ill for long times.

  • Deaths of Grand Paradi Towers, Malabar Hills, Mumbai

    Grand Paradi Towers, Malabar Hills, Mumbai
    Grand Paradi Towers is a pros housing complex in Malabar Hills, Mumbai. More than twenty suicides and accidents there, done that place haunted. nay murders remained mysterious for a long time. Many people have attacked with some negative energy that tend then to end their lives.

  • Haunted Raj Kiran hotel in Lonavala, Maharastra

    Haunted Raj Kiran hotel in Lonavala, Maharastra
    Raj Kiran hotel in Lonavala, Maharastra is a haunted one. There is a room which is haunted. Ghost pulls off the bed sheet from a guest. Some guests are gone mad after seeing spooky apparitions in the room at very night.

  • 13th floor of Big scyrappers in Mumbai

    Oberoi Trident Hotel, Mumbai
    13 is unlucky to a large believe. But is this the reason why big skyscrapers in Mumbai have excluded their 13th floor? Yes, this is true for many five star Mumbai hotels. The Oberoi Trident hotel doesn't have any 13th floor in it. Hoechst, Maker Chambers and Atlanta hotel blocked access to their 13th floor. It is known that once a couple suicides there. after that lots of paranormal occurrences started. After that authority decided to close that floor for safety of residents.

  • Threats from ghost in Bombay high court room

    Bombay High Court, Mumbai
    Ghost in court? Court name is Bombay High Court? Is it possible? Really, it sounds so funny. But maybe it's just a rumour, but many people who worked in Bombay high court said that a court room have experienced some disturbances by ghost for last 30 years. It is heard that some paranormal presence suddenly curses and terrify people there. People heard some ghastly voice that is threatening accused not to enter into the room. Especially in murder cases. Sometimes he threatens murder crime suspects not to enter in his courtroom. Probably he knows the truth, isn't?

  • Lament of the ghost architect of Hotel Taj

    Hotel Taj, Colaba
    The famous Taj Mahal hotel or hotel Taj. Undoubtedly one of the best hotels in Asia. After 26/11 terror attack, it came back again in its best within one year. An attraction for rich visitors in Mumbai is also rumoured as haunted by a roaming spirit of an architect. Many guests and hotel employees have noticed and reported about a ghostly apparition in the dimly lit corridors. The phantasmal presence usually seen checking something. Probably for if everything is in order. The ghost seems as thoughtful and having affection for every part of the hotel.

  • Ghost gardener who still roams in IC colony, Borivali

    In the middle of the IC colony in Borivali, there is a haunted ground. Where a possessive spirit staying for a very long time. Residents of the colony believed this such a level, they didn't let their children play on the ground for last 30 years.

  • Eerie Weeping in the apartment of Jogeshwari

    We have come to know another haunted apartment in Jogeshwari, Mumbai. The multi storey building seems very fine from outside. But the second floor is haunted by a spirit of a woman. One air hostess from a well known airline stayed there for a time. Unfortunately, she was murdered in her apartment. After some day of the gruesome happenings the company allocated another air-hostess for living there. Within few days some terrible paranormal sightings began with her. First the new girl started to hear uncanny noises. She felt all-time someone was watching her. Then one day after she had a terrible vision. One woman is weeping in the terrace. Then she saw the apparition is roaming all over the apartment.

  • Haunted girl of Pawan Hans quarters

    Ghost of Pawan Hans quarters
    Pawan Hans quarters located close to Juhu aerodrome. It's a story before some years. A young man was returning to his newly rented house in very night. Suddenly he made a frightful screaming and became senseless. Within few seconds local people who heard his screams searched there and found him. He was just unconscious. One man gave him milk in a glass. They all guessed what happened. Though asked that guy when he became little more easy. Click read more to read complete story.

  • Phantom classroom of SNDT girls College

    SNDT girls college, Juhu
    It is the story of some restless spirit who probably still not realizing they are gone. Its not their world anymore. SNDT girls university in Juhu, Mumbai is known to have such spirits in it. If you stay there in a stuff quarter near the ruined structures, which ones used for gardeners and other staffs' toilets. May be you will wake up around 2 a.m. and hear a voice of a lady teacher. Every night she recites multiplication table to her child students. After that, she slaps those unmindful children who don't hear her carefully. Then children start to cry loudly. Anyway, her classes carry on every night without being disturbed by the living world. Local neighbours became habituate with her uncanny sounds and voices. They don't dare to enter her world.

  • Ghost bride of Marve and Madh Island road

    Marve & Madh Island Road
    Marve & Malad Road is haunted by a ghost bride. According to local folks who died on that road. At very night people see her apparition weeping and running on the road. Generally, drivers who pass the road at night should be alerted all-time while passing there.

  • Murdered landlord still guarding Nasserwanj Wadi

    Mahim have a series of haunted places, but the most creepiest weird place among them is Nasserwanj Wadi. Not so far from the Mahim railway station, Nasserwanj Wadi is already known as one of the most scariest places of Mumbai. Try to explore the place after midnight is definitely not a good idea. The painful spirit of the landlord is still haunting on the place every night.

  • The lady of Amavasya night in Mahim

    In every Amavasya (new moon) night, a well becomes mysterious in Mahim, Mumbai. Ghostly presence prevails for the whole night until the morning comes. Residents there strongly believe that Sulochana comes beside the well on that very night. People are so scared that the compound has to be sealed well.

  • Second floor ki Bhabi

    A woman committed suicide at a building in Santacruz west, Mumbai. After that, she haunts the second floor of the building. After her death a dog came there and started to live in second floor. Nobody dare to take her name. She is known there as "Second floor ki Bhabi"

  • The spirit which haunted for 300 years at St. John's Baptist Church

    St. John's Baptist Church
    This is the story of 500 years old abandoned Portuguese church named St. John's Baptist Church in Andhery East, Mumbai. Presently it located within the SEEPZ Industrial Area. A movie like exorcism story found here. PS Ganesan, the writer of Ghosts, Occults & Exorcists: True and Real Experiences,wrote an amazing story about a ghost once stayed for a long time in this church.