Oliver family mansion, Chester, Pennsylvania
There are so many haunted houses all over the world. We see some of them are full of unresolved mysteries, i.e. death, murders, eloping, dark magic etc. Oliver Family Mansion is such kind of spooky, mysterious haunted house of Chester, PA.
Apparently an abandoned old fashioned house, damp walls almost covered with foxgloves and wall ferns. Looking at a glance, the mansion could make you feel an eerie sensation through your spine even in daytime too. Undeniably, the Oliver family mansion is keeping some untold, unknown and mysterious facts within it.
Once the Oliver family lived here for long times. But in 1898, on a night, suddenly the Oliver family completely disappeared without leaving any trace behind. Local folks haven't noticed them leaving the village. When they searched for the family members nobody was found. This incident remains unresolved till date. Why and Where they disappeared, probably is going to remain foggy forever.
But villagers believe they didn't leave, in fact. The family members are still breathing in the house. Not in material form, but their spirits haunting in the abandoned mansion. Sometimes they stare towards the strangers from the hanging windows. Most Possibly they wish to stay silent there being unnoticed. Visitors sensed of being watched by vivid unearthly existences all time. Dark walls and other cold places inside the grisly house make you feel something pretty nightmarish presence on your neck.
The doors slam shut inexplicably. Angry footsteps take attempts on your nerves. Sometime people took photographs casually, but when developed, they found shadowy or silhouette figures there. The morbid ambience inside the spooky house will surely alert you to make your safe distances.

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