Oakleigh mansion in mobile, Alabama
James W. Roper, a brick mason from Virginia built an Oakleigh mansion at Mobile, AL in 1833. This is one of the largest T shaped home in Alabama. Ghost stories in the house are quite interesting. Elizabeth Parker wrote about its ghost hauntings in her book "Mobile GHOSTS: Alabama's Haunted Port City." In the story a little boy refused to go to the second parlour. He told about a ghost woman in the first parlour. That spirit is described by the boy as a happy spirit who loved to stay there. In another side second floor is filled with cold and uncanny energy so he didn't want to go there.
Also, some poltergeist activities like furniture moving on its own reported by the staffs there at various times. They also heard some ghostly footsteps as someone walks angrily. When they encountered no one was in there. Also sound of scraping heard in the downstairs. Most of the time green couch in the first parlour and the pillows in the library often found rearranged mysteriously. One day a staff clearly heard a voice to him the second parlour. He got lots of panic when he found nobody is there, it's a pure disembodied voice.

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