Lincoln Theatre
The Lincoln Theatre is one of the most well known haunted houses of America. It was started in 1916 in North Main Street in Downtown Decatur. Before we go to Lincoln theatre's haunted ghost stories its better to know that before 1916 there was a hotel named Priest Hotel, built in 1860 by Franklin Priest. The hotel owned later by different people in different times. In 1904, in a terrible fire accident the hotel was destroyed. It was rebuilt again but in April 21, 1915 it totally demolished in a real disaster. The total destruction took just 10 minutes. It was recorded that there was no fire fighting system that could resist the surrounding structure.
Two bodies were identified, one was William E. Graham and another was a travelling salesman, as most body was not recovered.
After this disaster at 1916 Lincoln Theatre was made as absolutely fire proofed.

Ghosts of lincoln Theatre

Many haunted ghost stories about Lincoln Theatre are there. Basically it turned in haunted spot at the early of 1930. People started to feel types of eerie incidents. Some people experienced loss of breath, black out and strange vibes. Many people felt they were being watched all time by some unknown unseen presence.

Ghost of a stagehand named Red

One of the most popular stories in Lincoln theatre is Red's story. The widely known story is really interesting. Red was a stagehand at the Lincoln during the days of live performances. He loved to stay at the theatre. Red always wanted to become a live performer. He started to practice behind the scene each night. Perhaps he imagined the darkness as his audience and practiced regularly. One night during practice Red slipped from the metal grid which is on 75 feet up from the stage and collided with the rail. Needless to say he died.
Unfortunately the real story behind this is not so excited. There was really a stagehand whose nick name was Red. He was so popular and one armed. This arm he loose in a fighting in Europe. He was very sharp and managed all things in one hand. Most probably his perfection in job made him so popular to people. He was a lovable person and devoted to the theatre. It was a popular word to the other stuff that he never leaves the theatre.
Lincoln Theatre in dark
It is true Red died in Lincoln theatre but he did not died in an accident. He passed away during his sleep. However this popular stagehand stayed forever in Lincoln Theatre in the believe of people. Many witnesses claimed they felt Red, many others says the victims of 1904 burning are still in the theatre. They presence are strongly there. Some witnesses reported they heard footsteps, voice and felt eerie presence. Two of them saw shadowy apparition but not look like Red. It was a figure of a woman. Many were touched by unseen hands. All reports point to a belief of many phantoms in the Lincoln Theatre.
In 1994 entertainer performing for travelling stated an interesting story. One day when he was changing his costume in back stage then he heard a whispering and when he looked back he saw a shadowy figure in the staircase. He couldn't describe the face but he was sure that it was a man. When he complained to the stuff member they were looking for it, but the staircase was empty. But it's strange that the actor was no idea about the haunting history or gossips about this theatre or about Lincoln. This incident was not so horrible but for stuffs or other people agreed that the actor really felt or seen something without pre-convinced mind.
But anyway there may be so many discussions or arguments over this topic is this Lincoln Theatre is really haunted or not? But most of the people visits there feel something may be there in the corners and back hallways of the Lincoln Theatre.

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