J. D. Holman House, Ozark, Alabama
J. D. Holman House, Ozark, Alabama
Almost a 100 year old house built by Jesse DeCosta Holman in 1912. At that time it cost around $75,000. After Holman's family this mansion was handed over to Jack Mizell in 1982. Now J. D. Holman House is a property of City of Ozark. Once the house was filled with mystery of dark magic. Baby was put in to rain, as believed he would get a long and healthy life, etc. The haunting there was not known for a long year. But at the time of restoration on the premises, they encountered many creepy things there. They heard paranormal footsteps and voices. Some invisible people whispering in themselves and many more.
The mansion of 409 E. Broad St., Ozark is one historical place too in Alabama. The most supporting incidents for ghost hunting is a photo of an apparition of a little boy. He was standing on top stairs and was dressed like early 1900's. May be you don't find a ghost there, but definitely the beautiful neoclassical styled mysterious mansion is a good time pass in Ozark.

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