Haunted Chelsea Hotel
Haunted Chelsea Hotel
"Chelsea Hotel" or "the Chelsea" is one of the most haunted spots in New York. Once the favourite hotbed for many famous celebrities for having some "U la la" time, was started to build in 1883 and opened in the next year.
The hotel had a long bohemian history over its age. Despite of its popularity, it faced financial issues and closed and again reopened for several times. The property handed over many times in its history over 130 years. With time it became famous not only for its Gothic styled build up and red bricked structure, but also for some haunting incidents there. Many famous spirits haunting there for a long time. A lot of interesting legends of dwelling ghosts known in the hotel over years after years. While we view back over those we must know some death incidents those are truly related to confined supernatural entities there.

Death of Dylan Marlais Thomas (1914 - 1953)

Dylan Marlais Thomas died in this hotel
Dylan Marlais Thomas
Famous poet and writer Dylan Marlais Thomas was there when he was taken to hospital for his last medical care. Dylan came to the hotel on 20 October 1953 from UK. He had some illness regarding breathing and bronchitis, for which he had his inhaler with him all time. More that this he was suffering from blackout also. His romance with Liz Reitell was at the air in that time. The couple was spending their time in room no 206. Liz Reitell told after his death that Thomas was looking pale, tired very much, not as usual energetic he was always. He drank a lot in his last days in there. At that time New York was suffering for the outburst of air pollution that caused more than 200 lives.
Dylan Thomas grave
From 2nd November Thomas suffered from chest pain and breathing problems though he continued drinking over the limit. According to him "I've had 18 straight whiskies. I think that's the record!". On the November 5th his physical condition became critical and he was admitted the emergency ward at St Vincent's Hospital. On the November 9th Thomas died in a coma.
Dylan Thomas with his wife
Dylan Thomas with his wife
After his death some people who stayed in the hotel claimed they have seen the spirit of Dylan Thomas. In the room where he spent his last days and around the room are noted for his haunting. One morning a lady complained about it. After she woke up the morning turned to pale with an eerie experience. Face of Dylan Thomas is observing her standing straight at the end of the bed. After some moments it has dissipated slowly. Also, people who stay in the room 206 hear the sound of his bold footsteps in the corridor in front of room no 206 but nothing could have seen when inspected.

Ghosts of Nancy Spungen and Sid Vicious

Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen
Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen
John Simon Ritchie, popularly known as Sid Vicious, the most famous heart throb among the fans of "Sex pistol was the lead guitarist and singer". The bohemian rock band started their journey in 1975. Sid Vicious was addicted in drug from a very young age by his mother. Nancy Spungen was a girl from Philadelphia, a part time stripper and prostitute. Nancy was suffering with schizophrenia from 15 years of her age. They started dating in 1977 and both were started to spend their time on drugs and alcohol. Nancy Spungen was labeled by the press as "Nauseating Nancy" for her incorrigible addiction. One of the most famous rock group of all time, smelled with vulgarity and obnoxiousness fell apart after their concert at Winterland in San Francisco.
Sid and Nancy
Sid and Nancy moved to the Chelsea hotel in the room 100 with fake names. They dwelled their days more heroin and other drugs. They were known to have a deep involvement with drug dealers. On the day of 12 October of 1978 Nancy was found dead in the bathroom of room 100. Sid was arrested on the murder charge of Nancy and later he released on bail.
On the 1st February 1979, Sid Vicious had a small gathering on his new girlfriend Michelle Robinson's flat, where he took heroin. On the next morning he was found dead in his bed by Anne and Michelle.
Sid Vicious
Sid's mother found a suicide note after some day of his dead, where he requested to bury him beside the Nancy's grave. After his death Many of those who stayed in there, came in touch of the spirits of Sid-Nancy. Some people suddenly heard heated arguments of couple from room no 100. When they checked there the room was just vacant. The same when they searched the room after heard very loud music from there. In an other incident people have seen Sid Vicious in the elevator of the first floor. Many of those who stayed in the room 100 complained about sudden rises of temperature or some ghostly apparition roaming all over there.

Haunting in room no 124

Sid Vicious
Three women were staying in the room 124 complained about some mysterious experiences. They claimed about "something" in the bathroom there. Suddenly they heard screaming of female voice, and lights turn off and on automatically. An eerie sensation ran through their spines. As the supporting evidence they found from their photo which was taken casually, but an image of a skeleton was found behind the door frame when developed.
Also in the eight floor, spirit of Thomas Wolfe has been seen in the haunted hotel. The lounge in the basement is reported as haunted with poltergeist activities. Some ghosts are three always enjoy themselves as rearranging the furniture.

Now here is Larry

Last but not the least, there are "Larry". Probably the most famous soul here. Larry loves speaking all time. So if you ever heard some voice in the vacant hallways, probably it was him. He lectures all-time on his realization. According to him, nothing is there as the real world, it's actually an illusion. He also indicated about the place on which the hotel built was the source of creative power. "It's not about the product--the specific art that's created; it's about the life that is led at the Chelsea Hotel".

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