Lalaurie mansion, 1140 Royal Street
Lalaurie mansion, 1140 Royal Street, New Orleans
It was late 1890's, many immigrants were coming into America. Large numbers of Italian came to New Orleans. So they needed housing to stay. Some, such immigrants were staying at the mansion of at 1140 Royal Street. They experienced some sort of paranormal incidents. One of them was checking the stairwell suddenly a black chained man, completely naked jumped on him. He shouted in extreme fear, but within moments the black man dissolved in air. Others immigrants in that house encountered this shadowy ghost too. Most of them left the house in the immediate manner. Some of them never came back from the house.
In very night neighbors often heard Screaming and loud weeping from there even the house is empty. Ghostly phantom beings wandered on balconies and yards there in the night. Sometimes people used to see a girl is flying on the roof and so many other terrible visions. You're right, its 1140 Royal Street mansion, popularly known as Lalaurie Mansion.
Who are they? Why they are haunting in the house. Then you had to go back in the past on it. You will find one of the most beautiful ladies in the history of mankind, in other words one of the cruelest too. Past of painful agony, torture are more horrible than its ghost stories.
Delphine Lalaurie
Madame Delphine Lalaurie
Madame Delphine bought the property with his third husband Leonard Louis Nicolas LaLaurie. Then they built this three storey mansion in 1832. It had slave quarters attached to this mansion. She started to live with their two daughters and husband. Within sometimes she became famous as the most attractive, intelligent and beautiful woman. She loved to invite people in her home in social gatherings and show them her diligent house. But there was some insane part of the mansion as her character. She was a sadist woman who made intolerable pain for dozens of slaves in her house. Her cook was chained to the fireplace in the kitchen. Others had experienced lots more pain from the cook. Neighbors started to suspect about something is abnormal in the house. Some servants started disappearing without any reason. People became curious about Delphine's activities inside her house. Almost every day they heard crying, screaming from the house. One day a neighbor heard a screaming from LaLaurie mansion. To know what is going on when he climbed his stair and saw Madame Lalaurie chasing an innocent little girl with a whip. She was her personal servant. To survive from his mistress the girl ran to the roof and then jumped to her death. Later she was buried beneath the cypress trees in the yard.
In April 1834, a fire broke in the kitchen. According to legends the cook couldn't bear the torture anymore and set the fire. When fire fighters entered into the house they had an unimaginable vision there. More than dozens of men and women slaves are chained to the wall in a hidden place. All of them were naked. Some of them are in a cage made for dogs. This cruel woman collected human body parts including heads and organs in a bucket. Some slave body found in her makeshift operating table. Delphine sliced one woman's stomach and stitched another woman's lip filling animal excretion inside her mouth. That was just horrible.
For men slaves she enjoyed ripping off their nails from them. This wicked soul drilled in poor slaves' heads to stir inside the head. Also, she poked eyes of several slaves too. Firefighters find many more things done by that witch.
Louis Cemetery #1 Delphine Lalaurie's tomb
When the news of Lalaurie mansion spread over quickly, people broke in anger and gathered there to capture her. But suddenly Madame Lalaurie escaped in a carriage and disappeared. She was never found after that night.
Mutilated slaves were removed from the house. The haunting started just after that day. Some invisible presence started to scream and groan in almost every night from the empty house. Shadowy figures roams on the roof. May be their cries reveals their pain caused by Delphine Lalaurie.
In 1924, an old cracked, copper plate in the early 4 found in the St. Louis Cemetery #1 cemetery that indicates Delphine Lalaurie died in 1842 hence according to French archives of Paris she died in 1849.

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