Haunted Sweetwater Mansion in Florence, Alabama
Haunted Sweetwater Mansion
Sweetwater Mansion was designed by General John Brahan. He was a veteran of the War of 1912. He owned more than 4000 acres of land in Alabama. Robert M. Patton, Brahan's son-in-law completed and occupied it in 1835. As the mansion built on the site of Sweetwater Creek, this is known as Sweetwater mansion. The basement served as a Civil War hospital and also it was a jail for some period.
Many of those former residents are believed to still haunt there. Rumours about a man once lived in a room upstairs who practiced black magic in his life. Also, some stories probably that man took the lives of many women. Unnumbered paranormal incidents have reported about there. Many ghostly apparitions have seen at various places there. Once, a lady attendant saw a dead body of a confederate soldier inside a coffin in one of the rooms downstairs. She got extremely panicked after realizing to see the funeral of one of General Patton's sons, which happened many years ago in the ghostly mansion.
A room is there that has a strange nature to lock women inside it. Sounds funny, but this is a true legend. May be connected with that satanic practioner's story? Who took many women's lives. Emmet Lettie Region, one of the former caretaker of the house, described her terrible experience at there. She mentioned about a secret room with no door, only accessible through a window. Probably this is the room where two of the sons of the former owners were buried in the floor.
Ghostly laughs in children's voices have heard suddenly, objects move by themselves mysteriously. Local ghost hunters claimed to see many female ghost apparitions there. This gained reputation as haunted more after being aired in the episode of A&E's Paranormal State on April 25, 2011.One ghost hunter group shot photo of two boys. They claimed those boys are nothing but Patton's sons killed in the Battle of Shiloh.

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