Early Hill Plantation, Greensboro
Early Hill Plantation, Greensboro
1580 Lickskillet Rd, Greensboro, the beautiful Early Hill plantation is still there. Behind its elegant look time is recalling repeatedly its own residents. You can find Mayor Brown's little daughter is still swinging from the tree in the front yard at night. At night 1700's built house returned in life. Many people, who visited their bedroom, looked in the mirror. Many of them have a glimpse of a woman. She is the wife of Mayor Brown, who still brushing her hair in front of that mirror. Before many years slaves were kept and tortured and buried in the basement of the haunted house. Their souls still remain in pain there. They still rattle their chains in agony.
In front porch an apparition of an old lady often seen sitting in her rocking chair. She quickly dissolves just after seen. The tree where Browns lovely daughter once love to swing is not there. But a terrible memory is still there when a branch broke from the tree. The girl fell and died from it. But her ghost still swinging there over night after night.

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