Bailey House in Kentwood, Lowell, Michigun
Haunted Bailey House Lowell, Michigun
It was a simple daytime. 10651 Bailey Dr Ne, Samuel was passing by the house. The Bailey House. Again the eerie sensation runs down through his spine like every time. But today is different. He was just about to cross, suddenly heard that scream. An unnerving cry made him complete paled to look at that window. There was a little girl in the upstairs window. Samuel saw her clearly. "Oh Jesus", he almost started to run. From childhood he heard about her many times, but today just saw her in real.
Just an abandoned house. All of the windows are locked with boards. Clothes cover the floor of the whole house. Not only Samuel but also many people have seen that a white dressed and blond hair little girl manytimes in the window. Sometimes she screams and then becomes invisible. Bailey house in Lowell has become one of the most haunted place for ghost hunters in the USA for a long time. Many people who don't believe in ghost visited there, but they had to admit something is really creepy there. All times they sensed of being watched and followed by unseen strong paranormal forces in everywhere inside the house. In a little occurrence a nice smell followed folks in there. In night creaky doors open and close by itself, moaning sound heard from inside.
Blood stains in the Kitchen?
People have said before many days there was a woman who killed her whole family and then hang herself in the basement. In another story three cheerleaders were kidnapped and locked in the basement of this house. They were raped for days after days and starved to death. Their diseased soul still haunts there.

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Once some school boys tried to record sounds in third tape recorder. All the time they were in the house, they heard footsteps following them. When they came back and played the records they feared gruesomely. Numbers of voices from a little girl were recorded, she was telling them to go back from the house.
The kitchen in the house has been just like hell. Blood stains appear sometimes without any reason and make the situation extremely awful. A ghostly bell is hanging from the light. It starts ringing by owner when those uncanny presences come in the dark. But the basement is the worst part as many visitors heard a little girl laughing at them.
Cars parked in front of the house often found problem to start, some people experienced sudden bleeding from nose, ears and needed to be admitted in hospital.
The House has been bulldozed down by the county before some years. But folks still don't get tired to discuss about it.

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