Red lady Ghost in Huntingdon College
One of the famous ghost of Alabama strolls in the Pratt hall dormitory of Huntingdon college in Montgomery. The ghost is known popularly "The Red Woman". Her story is written also in the famous book "13 Alabama Ghosts and Jeffrey" by Kathryn Tucker Windham.
But as we found in the book actually there are two red woman ghost legends with the college. The first red woman ghost is from the old days when the college was located in Tuskegee. A young lady wearing scarlet dress with parasol on hand roams wordlessly. This was the sighting of her. Bathed in red glow, she used to walk in the female dormitory at very night. But her story was over, she probably got her way and went forever.
The most well known red ghost is the spirit of a girl who couldn't settle into an unfamiliar world for her. Her name was Martha. Unwillingly, she had to come to the Huntingdon college from New York. On her first day she wore a red dress as remembered. Due to a lack of adjusting she was always very morn. Every roommate found her as irritating and moved from the room in a short time span. At last the president of the dormitory move in with Martha and did her best to make friendship with the girl. But her effort was fruitful and she decided to leave the room. When Martha came to know that she was about to leave the room, she burst suddenly with emotions and told "So you couldn't stand me either - like all the rest of your stuck up friends. I was beginning to think you really wanted me to be your friend but you hate me just like the rest. Well, I'm glad to be rid of you! Take your things and go! But I'll tell you one thing, my dear: for the rest of your life you'll regret leaving this room."
After that day she became a more and more stranger for others. Her behaviour started to shock everyone. Her presence was almost very uncanny so other girls started fearing for her. With grief and felt abandoned by everyone she finally decides to leave. The president of the dormitory first found her on the floor of her room, wearing the same red dress, slashed her own wrist. She had long gone by then.
But students of Hundingdon know she still roams in the corridors of the Pratt hall while nobody is there. Her strange eyes still look at the space as she is in a trance. On her suicide date crimson light emanates from her room where she took her last breathe. Students have allegedly reported seeing Martha's ghost on Pratt Hall's fourth floor, claiming to have seen it pass through walls or closed doors. Today, Pratt Hall has been converted from a dormitory to the college's Department of Education and Psychology.
In addition to the Red Lady, Huntingdon College is allegedly haunted by the restless spirit of a young male student who supposedly shot himself on the college green sometime during the 1970s after being jilted by a former girlfriend. Students have allegedly reported feeling unseen forces tugging on their clothes as they walk across the green at night, or mussing their hair, or blowing in their ears. Other spirits alleged to haunt portions of the Huntingdon campus include those of a murdered co-ed, a young boy who allegedly drowned in the college pond, a female student clad only in a towel, and a poltergeist known as "Frank the Library Ghost".

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