Gaineswood Plantation in Demopolis, Alabama
Gaineswood Plantation in Demopolis
This is the story of a spirit of young female housekeeper, named Evelyn Carter. She spent his last days in there, Gaineswood Mansion of Demopolis. This property was started to build by George Strother Gaines. He was famous for the meeting with "greatest of all Choctaw chiefs" Pushmataha. General Nathan Bryan Whitfield purchased the 480 acre property in 1842. As the traditional southern mansions, in 1856 this was completed with gardens, Iron fences, stables, and slave quarters.
Elizabeth Whitfield, the wife of Nathan Bryan Whitfield, passed away, leaving behind his husband with young children. Mr. Whitefield appointed a beautiful young woman, Evelyn Carter as a live-in nanny for his children. As she is from famous Virginia family, whose father was a Greek Ambassador at the time, was a Greek Ambassador allowed her to stay with them in the Gaineswood Mansion.
Nathan Bryan Whitfield
Nathan Bryan Whitfield
In her time, she really brought a pleasant time for the family. General Whitfield and Evelyn, both shared a love for Irish folk tunes. She loved to play pianos. By the time winter came, unusual cold made Alabama under blankets of snows. Evelyn fell in love at that time with a local Frenchman. But before it turns into marriage their relationship broke for some reason. The man left her forever and she fell in illness and died shortly from it. Due to the terrible cold atmosphere icy ground and Evelyn wasn't buried in the grave. As a common practice in the Victorian era, her body was stored in a pine coffin and placed in a cold dark cellar in the mansion.
Within a short time her presence was started felt among the family members. Sounds of pianos waved in the silent night of Gaineswood. They understood no one could be found there as she is no more alive. Footsteps from the cellar heard as someone is coming from there. Members were paled almost everyday when the sound of her stepping becomes louder towards the basement door. She was still continuing to check if the children are in their bed or not.
After a long time also, visitors were almost tortured by her haunting soul. One night was enough for them and usually the waited for the dawn and ran immediately. Evelyn Carter body was taken to her home in Virginia, but her spirit still roams in the mansion of Gaineswood. All her legends make Gaineswood plantation one of the most haunted places of Alabama.

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