House of Serial Anthony Sowell
12205 Imperial Avenue, House of Horrors
In October 2009, suddenly people of Ohio shocked with the news of eleven women's bodies those were found in 12205 Imperial Avenue, Cleveland. A notorious face came in front of them later labeled as Cleveland Strangler. His original name was Anthony Edward Sowell, an insane, dangerous rapist and murderers in the criminal history. Anthony Sowell started his raping habits on her little niece. The serial killer hid eleven women's bodies from 25 to 47 after rape and murder them all. Sowell became a traumatic illusion for the society.
Anthony Edward Sowell
Anthony Edward Sowell
The psychopath was sentenced to death and after his death on October 31, 2009 the house became a nightmare for people. They started to call it as "House of Horrors". Various ghastly incidents were started reporting from there. Local people did not want to walk in front of the door. The poor victims image hallucinate their minds heavily. They complained about hearing creepy sounds of women from the horrible place. Overall the house of serial killer Anthony Sowell is believed a place that should avoid at any cost.

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