Stay with your friends always, if you are studying in these colleges

College days probably the most memorable times in our life. We smile whenever just think about those times in our busy life. But in this world, there is no place where only joy and happiness prevails. Definitely, some miss-happens, we may have seen there too. Those poor souls, who were just about to start their life, just on the step to bring smile on their families, ended tragically. May be some of them still mourning where they met their ends, some of them still looking for her love who refused him a long before. Some of those still searching for his professor to submit their research. here are some college story you must have read.
  • Haunted GTU Campus, Ahmedabad

    GTU Campus, Ahmedabad
    Gujarat Technological University is one of the biggest and most prestigious universities in Gujarat, and is located in Ahmedabad. Although it is not an isolated or deserted place by any chance, the GTU campus in Ahmedabad is still believed to be haunted. University employees, students and locals believe that the campus is haunted by the spirit of a woman who makes her presence felt, ever so often on a busy campus. There have been reports of a person traveling in a lift, and sensing the presence of a woman in the lift. Many students and employees have reported that doors open and close by themselves and furniture is often thrown around by "noone". It is believed that the ghost of the woman is responsible for all of this, although no one knows who she was. *Shudders!!!*

  • Phantom classroom of SNDT girls College

    SNDT girls college, Juhu
    It is the story of some restless spirit who probably still not realizing they are gone. Its not their world anymore. SNDT girls university in Juhu, Mumbai is known to have such spirits in it. If you stay there in a stuff quarter near the ruined structures, which ones used for gardeners and other staffs' toilets. May be you will wake up around 2 a.m. and hear a voice of a lady teacher. Every night she recites multiplication table to her child students. After that, she slaps those unmindful children who don't hear her carefully. Then children start to cry loudly. Anyway, her classes carry on every night without being disturbed by the living world. Local neighbours became habituate with her uncanny sounds and voices. They don't dare to enter her world.

  • Phantom Student of Sinhagad Engineering college

    Sinhagad college of Pune
    Did you remember the song, 'Give Me Some Sunshine, Give Me Some Rain, Give Me Another Chance I Wanna Grow Up Once Again'. In the movie a student in Engineering college wrote 'I quit' and left the world and never returned. In the Sinhagad college of Pune a similar story is there. In so much mental stress the boy committed suicide in the college. But after his death, he returned in the college premises. Students know in night the bereaved souls strolls in the campus.

  • Ghost of the student in Madras Christian College

    Madras Christian College
    A student committed suicide in at Herber’s Hall after being refused by the girl whom he wanted. After his death number of spooky things started. Sometimes window glass breaks by their own, other times someone throws utensils. Students believes the spirit of that poor guy haunts there every time.
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