Real Facts Behind The Exorcist
While thinking about ghost movies, probably "The Exorcist" comes first in our mind. Watching alone in a dark room is real eerie no doubt. Little girl Regan turns into a demon, her scary face and especially spider walk on stairs! Simple gave me nightmare in my childhood.
But the real facts behind it are more interesting than the movie itself. Let me tell you 21 things about the true incident behind "The Exorcist".

1. It was a boy, Not a girl

It was a boy
YES! Real victim was a boy. Born on June 1, 1935 in a German Lutheran family lived 3210 Bunker Hill, Mount Rainer, Maryland at that time.

2. His actual name wasn't Ronald Doe, NEVER!!!

Whenever you search for information about real story of "The Exorcist", you will find the exorcism of Roland Doe. Neither this was his name or anymore possible to know what it was. This pseudo name was given by media. After the exorcism, they left the area forever, so he forgot everything that happened to him, unless of that, demons could have returned again.

3. Why the devil possessed him? May be it was INVITED

I am not sure or nobody is. But most probably they invited the devil. His Aunt Harriet started to teach about Ouija board to the little boy. She was a spiritualist. Suddenly she died that time. An unnatural death that looked as natural. Probably when she tried to call spirits, couldn't imagine what going next to be happen.

4. In real, was it as frightful as the movie?

The answer is no, both are not same. Actually truth is stranger than fiction and the real incident was MORE and MORE terrible than the movie, YES!!!

5. How it started?

Strange sounds of continuous tapping from empty stairs, some poltergeist activities, like tables, chairs and other objects were started moving by their own. All these his family started noticing.

6. Holy JESUS, scratching and the pest control team

In front of all family members, one day portrait of Jesus Christ moved suddenly by none. In another night scratching sound started under the floor boards. They asked the pest control team but found nothing.

7. Remember the scene from movie, the girl lying on the bed and shaking terribly?

Not once but several days the boy was shaken on his bed. At that days all ghostly sounds was increasing regularly. As like a troop is marching in the room all time. His family started to believe completely about something paranormal is going on.

8. But who is it? May be spirit of Aunt Harriet?

Roland's (pseudo name of the boy) family started to believe the Aunt Harriet's ghost want to talk them. They was trying to communicate with it.

9. And one day he was thrown in front of a witness

At that time almost everything in the house was moving their own. A neighbor Mr. Kagey came for help. The boy was sitting on a chair. Making Mr. Kagey completely speechless, little boy was thrown multiple feet away by something invisible.

10. And all the scratch marks on the body?

That night scratching on the little body started. Family members saw in his body, scratches appearing instantly and making pain for the poor boy.

11. Doctors, psychiatrics and then Catholic Church

He was taken to Father Hughes. "dark stare, almost as if there were nothing behind the eyes" – Father Bober, close to Hughe, said after first time looking the boy. The haunted boy was staring hard at the holy Bible on table. Accurate symptoms of possession were revealed.

12. "I am legions" – not anyone single

I am legions
When Father asked in Latin, "who are you", answer came as there were many inside him. It's a tradition to ask the victim in a different tongue he doesn't know. In this way the answer is more trustable and indictable of true haunting nature.

13. Roland broke Father Hughe's arm and make him failed

With every single day, the boy was becoming so violent that he was admitted to a hospital in Washington, D.C., run by Jesuit brothers (monks). The monks were the witness there. He started shaking, screaming, spitting and other outbursts. Nurses needed to restrain him physically as the movie. Once he managed to make his one hand free, broke the spring under the mattress, then broke Hughe's elbow and sliced him. After that day Father Hughe needed for healing himself and he accepted his failure.

14. Who sent the message "Saint Louis"?

He was sent back home again. Things became worsen. In continuous fear and suffer his family had nothing to do except watching those cuts, scratches and the foam on his mouth. In night the word "Saint Louis" appeared on his chest. Who sent the message? Possessed soul of Roland or the Demon?

15. Father Bowdern, a priest of strong nerve

Father Bowdern
Father Bowdern
At last Roland was brought in St. Louis, where Father Bowdern took his charge. Next six weeks how he fought with number of evils, who make the boy's body as their residence, is really and really a spine chilling story. I can't write every single detail here though. But will publish later the diary. Once Bowdern truly started to believe that it's beyond his control. He took help of many other priests in his long fight against those evils.

16. Spitting at the priests, commanding to leave and vulgar sexual words

Ignoring everything Fathering Bowdern and his companions continued exorcism recites for next three weeks. But the little boy became stronger than any grown man. He always was swearing in the name of evil. It was hard to prevent him from swearing. Priests held pillow on the boy's scary face to stop him.

17. He was put again in hospital to detach from others

His outburst had gone beyond every limit and they confined them in a separate room of a hospital run by an ancient order of Catholic monks. It was like room for mental patients, so priests could follow their works without intervention of outsiders and no one can hear them.

18. Whenever priests doubt on themselves it became stronger

This is the fact. Whenever they thought of couldn't make it, those devils became stronger in him. He broke on of the priest's nose at such a time. Continuous pressure was making those priests unnerve and weak. Finally they decide to baptize him to strengthen his real self.

19. "Satan! Satan! I am Saint Michael, and I command you, Satan and the other evil spirits, to leave the body now. "

After a long battle he accepted communion wafer, though didn't cured totally at all. For many days he talked in multiple voices. But one day, he talked suddenly in clear voice – "Satan! Satan! I am Saint Michael, and I command you, Satan and the other evil spirits, to leave the body now ". Saint Michael is the Chief Archangel in Heaven. He is the angel whom God gave power over Satan.

20. And finally he was at ease and his story became popular

The Washington Post, published a series of articles on this, followed by The Evening Star, did news on the boy. Everywhere he was mentioned as Roland. The Times-Herald, The Parapsychology Bulletin and other press media also did cover the story.

21. Later he worked for NASA

Yes!!! Also he didn't recollect any memory of the time of possession anymore. His real identity was kept hidden forever by press and priests. His story is running over more than half centuries.