A Tale of Dark Magic
From Psychology to Criminology, even common people. Whatever you say it, either Dark art or Voodoo or Kufri Kalam, practising of Dark magic increases gradually. Controlling someone's conscious known as Hypnosis. No doubt we saw many times in movies or serial, 'Trantic' or 'Dakini' poking doll's eyes out or needling either doll or lemon. Just this is sufficient to forfeit a man living far away. He will fall in painful death by vomiting blood. Atheists would say physical anomy. According to others this is Black Magic.
Dakini, Wife of Dak
In Sanskrit 'Tantra' is pronounced as 'Tan-Tro'. 'Tan' means body and 'Tro' refers as protection. So 'Tantra' is to protect our body. This is well acknowledged. But several people have several opinions. Dictionary saying, 'Tantra' is study of self-realization. In the Atharvaveda Tantra is briefly described. In books, path of 'Tantra' divided in two ways. One is study of wisdom, another of darkness. Light of heaven and path to hell. One is good, other is evil. The first way enlighten the path of empowering own 'kulakundalini' through meditation. This encourages a life to devote itself for goodness of mankind. It brings peace and blessings under heavenly sky. Another path provokes for bringing pains to others for personal benefits.
According to Hindu 'Puranas', 'Dak' is one of the companions of Lord Shiva. Actually he is a demon (Pisacha). His wife is 'Dakini'. In local folks she is known as 'Dayan' or Witch. They are nocturnal and disguised themselves as birds. These Witches stays far above from the ground. Only touch the plain of lonely graveyards or abandoned houses. Men are not they are searching, but women in menstrual cycle.
Summoning ghosts or spirits for forecasting or other purposes known as 'Necromancy'. This is evolved variously in different places. Six special works described In 'Tantra'. Through them both good and evil can be done. Each of them is magic. One is white and other known as black magic.
In Hinduism three factors are given high priority in Black magic. 'Mantra'(chanting Vedic hymn), sacred objects and rituals. Depending on rituals type, differently painted 'Chakra' (Symbol of power in human body) collected for spirit calling. As other materials body parts of animals, skin-flesh-bones-skeleton-feather is used in this study. Flower-fruit-twiner-leaf-roots and also human body parts as teeth, nails, hair, skin dust, used clothes, handkerchiefs etc also are used in black magic. As other elements water, soil, stones, copper, iron, whisk, shoes also requires serving the purpose. Except these some simple rural home made cosmetics like Sindoor (Vermilion), lamp-black, turmeric, nail-polish etc also needed many times. Voodoo and Kufri Kalam are like as invisible arrow. Targeting a person from anywhere, various acts are performed with those elements. In a sacred paper name, date of birth, mother's name is written and secret rituals are performed. Even sometimes to kill him. Sometimes sacred 'Tabiz' (Amulets) tied with some special fruitful tree. Within some days the tree dried up. The targeted person also starts suffering mysteriously and slowly died with the tree. This is the magic of Black Magic! 'Uchatan' means to evict someone. This mantra used to separate anyone. Either that is home or working place. 'Sthambhan' is an act to make your enemy silent or paralyzed or freeze. Kind of mouth infection or throat blockage will make their life hectic than hell. 'Videshan' can separate any relation even between two indifferent hearts. Voodoo is about spirits. A dark practice of nailing pins on doll. Doll used in it known as voodoo doll. In Africa, those who exercise voodoo known as Kindoki. In India they are known as Shaman(Ojha). It can be heard that through Voodoo dead can rise from graveyards and serve the Shaman(Ojha). But Voodoo started in Haiti. Though it's practiced maximum in Ghana. In Thailand, 'Yang Sang' is the name of it. Planchet is also a part of Black magic. According to history 'Dakini Tantra' or Witchcraft is a very ancient religion in world. Before Christianity, black magic was very popular in many countries. People praised ghost, demons and evil souls. In another opinion, Brazil is the first country where practice for rising dead souls started. That's known as 'Candomble'. Poison from tree root poured into water for killing. But many researchers don't accept this. A well acknowledged view is Dark magic or Black magic expanded by Buddhism. 'Nath' story and 'Yoga Tantra', this two books give us many information about of Buddhist monks and Nath Yogis, who practiced black magic for long. To learn black magic consecration is first condition. Teachings pass through Gurus to students. 'Baishnab' devotees also practiced Black Magic.
Practically study of black magic is praying to the evil. Meaning of 'Satanism' is worshiping of Satan. This comes from Hebrew. Interestingly that also was a religion. For worshiping evil there are black house in San Francisco and California. People study black magic there. You can say as Church of demons. Do you know why in temple or church bell rings several times? For throwing evil forces out. More surprising fact is that, we knock our glasses with others while start drinking. This also for the same reason, no black entity couldn't come and ruin our enjoyment. Because where is joy, there is evil. This is a very ancient believe.
Lucifer, the Demon God
In western countries, evils are divided in many types based on their strength. Lucifer is on the top. In ancient Mesopotamia, evil god Nargel was worshiped. Like Mammon in Egypt and Baal-Bael of Hebrew. 'Shaman' is a section of Black magic. The word came from shepherds of Syberia. Shamanism also practiced lots in North America and East Europe. Like other places dead souls are the main business. Elements are Skulls and coins. Followers of 'Dakini Tantra' or witchcraft claimed themselves as magician, super human and supernaturally powerful. In Christian Europe witches used to show their power by harming innocent people. They worshiped evil gods Beelzebub, Leviathan and Moloch. They can burn everything into ashes just with terrible vision.
Many books are there on black magic all over the world. Best seller among them is 'Book of Raziel and Grimoires'. Interested readers can read this. Snake, frog, vulture, eagle, owl, crow and cat everything you will find in it as a part of black magic. In western countries another element is very important. That is goat's horn. Because from the middle ages to modern times, men conceptualized demons in various shapes in different religions. Satan is goat alike. So that pentagram with goat horn symbolized as evil praising. Till now if you see black magic practice to serve demon god, you will find goat as one important element. In Hinduism ox is added with goat. This is because of 'Mahishasura'. Mahishasura is a black demon born from Ox . Dog, cat, owl, crow everything in black magic need to be fully black. Because black force or energy can't be white! More of it, to achieve best result in black magic, new moon night is chosen.
You may accept or not the power of black magic. But you can't ignore it.